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Who Needs Headaches?

Who Needs Headaches?
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Who Needs Headaches?

By Dr. Cass Igram

Who needs headaches?...

"Doctor, please help me - I'm in pain." People with headaches suffer excruciating pain. They search arduously for help or relief - but is all this suffering and strife really necessary? According to Dr. Igram, it isn't, and most of these individuals can live a life "free of pain". a thought-provoking, easy-to-read book detailing innovative methods for treating and curing chronic headaches, particularly migraines. Dr. Igram does not claim that all headaches will respond positively to his treatment methods, but he does claim that most headaches not due to serious, underlying disease can be alleviated or eliminated entirely through simple, non-toxic therapies.

Dr. Igram's prescriptions for effective treatment of migraine and other headaches include:

  • how most migraines can be cured just by diagnosing and eliminating hidden food allergies.

  • how migraine and tension headaches can be aborted through a special therapy known as "Trigger Point Injections."

  • how hormonal imbalances may act as the primary cause of migraines.

  • how nutritional deficiencies weaken a person's resistance to headaches, and how certain natural substances help block migraines.

Also included are numerous case histories of total or near-total cures. If you have migraines or other headaches that have failed to respond to traditional medical care, this book is a must!

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Can Food Allergies Short-Circuit the Brain?

Food allergies cause physical symptoms. Pain is one of those symptoms. Yet, could mental symptoms result from food allergies? Rarely do people directly associate eating a specific food with mental or psychological symptoms. It is now known that allergies can cause mental aberrations. Researchers have found a way, using a sophisticated neurological test, to prove that what we eat affects our brains. They actually measured toxic allergy reactions while they occurred within the brain. Let's see how this fascinating story evolved.

Decades ago researchers found that certain chemicals irritate the nervous system. Most notable of these is the pesticide DDT. It was found that the chemicals, even in very small doses, damaged the nervous system, often permanently. The brain and spinal cord were most vulnerable to this damage.

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Softbound, 6x9, 158 pages

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