TGS Authors Dorothy Leon SAINT GERMAIN'S Mystical Quest for the Golden Age - Book 1 of a Trilogy

SAINT GERMAIN'S Mystical Quest for the Golden Age - Book 1 of a Trilogy

SAINT GERMAIN'S Mystical Quest for the Golden Age - Book 1 of a Trilogy
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Mystical Quest for the Golden Age

by Dorothy Leon
Book 1 of a Trilogy
3rd Edition - Updated - 90 new pages

What does the future hold? Some of you will look to the outer world, others will look within; both are valid.

A golden age is a time when mankind is permeated with the Golden Light of Wisdom. The Aquarian Age of Freedom isn't for the purpose of establishing a new religion. Organizations aren't the answer. "God is no respecter of persons" or groups. He looks only upon the heart.

The Piscean Age was an age of belief. But as spirit is gradually being "poured out" by the Aquarian "man with the pitcher", belief is being replaced with knowledge.


How can we, who have attuned to the incoming frequency of Christ Consciousness, dispel the fears of those who don't yet understand? First, we can gain their respect by demonstrating that the new age isn't represented by gadgetry, channelings, or a myriad of healers who strive to "fix" everyone. These are merely the lesser gifts. We are here to foster a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to attune with and utilize the God-Power; how to be God in action.

There is a need to explain that the Christian religion doesn't have a monopoly on Christ, or the Catholics on Mother Mary. Although the Bible is filled with references to reincarnation, the churches haven't yet understood that the Christ Spirit was in many great teachers. Whether called Krishna, Horus, Mithras, or other names, each one taught the same message--the kingdom of God is within you. When we attune to this inner kingdom, we experience oneness. Unity is the key, for only when our free will aligns with God's can we establish a civilization of brotherhood and love. WHY ARE WE FINDING THIS SO DIFFICULT?

Because mankind is impatient, there is a desire to put the roof on the house before the foundation is laid. We strive for truth, peace, and freedom but we cannot manifest these fifth, sixth and seventh ray qualities until we first expand our Three-Fold Flame of Love, Light, and Power", the qualities of the first, second and third rays. This inner triune God force then magnetizes the purity of the fourth ray, the White Christ Light that synthesizes. Like the Pillar of Severity on the Tree of Life, our old concepts have to be released before a new knowledge can emerge. Jesus doesn't "put new wine in old bottles".

PROGRESS BEING MADE: Progress is being made by thousands of "pioneers" who are attuning to the divine. With hundreds of light centers, the esoteric truths are expanding. We can now speak freely about inner-plane experiences, UFO encounters, channeling, reincarnation, health foods, and alternative medicine.

We have manifested peace corps, peace walks, world meditations, holding hands across America, songs to raise money for the starving, Greenpeace, the Harmonic Convergence, tearing down the Berlin Wall, opening the Russian Temples, saving the dolphins, and refurbishing the Sphinx. Heartfelt movies are superseding violent ones, awareness of angels is expanding, freedom has been achieved in several communist countries, and even the recent disasters have fostered brotherhood.

During our 21st century Renaissance, in addition to perfecting electric and hydrogen automobiles, utilizing the ocean tides and galactic energy to draw free-electricity from space, developing non-polluting products, and condensing foods into tiny packets, we are also on the brink of such phenomenal things as time travel, teleportation, telepathic communication, and virtual reality. The new age will no doubt achieve religious tolerance, incorporate rehabilitation into our criminal systems, provide quality health care, ban guns and other weapons, cleanse the oceans and streams, and make pure water available for all. We can also look forward to a time when war will be illegal and all countries will belong to an International Department of Peace.

In order to accomplish this, however, a political shift that incorporates spirituality is an absolute necessity. It is also imperative that our economic system ceases to be based on material greed and competition and finally return to a system based on the needs of mankind and the preservation of Mother Nature. These changes won't be divinely handed to us on a platter. We have to act as a co-creator by taking responsibility for our every thought and action.

Saint Germain is often referred to as "the wonderman of Europe, the man who never dies". His undaunted dedication compelled him to remain upon Earth one hundred years after he made his ascension. As one of the ancient Atlantean founders of "Freemasonry", this dedicated master of freedom refused to leave the planet until the divine plan of anchoring the "New Atlantis" had been set into motion. He now serves as chohan of the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transmutation, radiating this divine quality to our solar system. All who enjoy the privileges of a democratic society today are deeply indebted to his continual, unwavering efforts.

Paperback, 5¼ x 8¼, 340+ pages

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