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David Mastry

Greetings! It is my great pleasure to introduce David Mastry and his book. Over the years, we have discussed many ideas and theories. David's path is "onward, upward, following eternal love and light." He shares knowledge and life experiences with us in a unique formulary, nudging readers to inquire and evolve into the expanding realities before us.


Template for the Time, A
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We are experiencing quantum leaps forward as our galaxy moves "from one parking place to an-other" in the coming years. Everything changes! David assists us in our deeper understanding of life's mysteries. Our perceptions of time, space, dimen-sions and connectivity with all-that-is are heightened by this revelatory work. Much like Robbie the Robot heralded in an era of new science fiction, David her-alds in an understanding of the past and welcomes the future. His unique path and dedicated teaching approach will be long remembered by future generations.