Shipping Conditions

Shipping Conditions

TGS Shipping Conditions
Shipping Conditions - Information

If you receive a note on shipping that the order cannot be shipped to your location, there may be a mistake in your address, or a non-standard character not recognized by the cart system. If you keep getting this error, contact and we will locate the reason and fix it.

If you ONLY see Flat Rate shipping options then the same address mistake is usually the problem

Domestic continental US:

UPS (United Parcel Service) is the 'best' choice for value received since all their shipments are guaranteed and insured. While it appears to be a higher price, it is actually par with the post office when you add all the services included with UPS, that you have to pay extra for at the postal service.

Shipping costs remain the lowest by using the US Postal Service for international orders.


This option is basically the same as the old 'book rate 4th class mail'... Selecting this cheaper rate for shipping you are acknowledging this rate is 'slower' than the normal priority. Using this option allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. The normal time is around 5-10 days, but being in this 'class' of mail can mean longer delivery times.


Many of our products can be shipped using the newer FLAT RATE options both domestic (USA) and international. We suggest you select this option, especially when in doubt, and if the FLAT RATE restrictions disallow your order, then we will choose the next best option.

Flat Rate Envelopes:
Typical Examples
** Can usually handle 1 books that is 6x9 or less in size.
** 1 - 8x11 books that are 1/2 inch thick or less.

Flat Rate Boxes:
Typical Examples
** Can usually handle up to 5 books that are 6x9 or less in size.
** 3 - 8x11 books that are 1/2 inch thick or less

IN addition to size restrictions there are also weight restrictions: Some imposed by the US Post Office and others by the Country being delivered to.

When you select the FLAT RATE options you waive your right to insurance with the postal services. This means you accept the risks for delivery and condition the package arrives in.

If you select a FLAT RATE option and your order cannot be shipped via the FLAT RATE, then you authorize us (TGS HiddenMysteries) to select the next best option to use and you authorize us to charge your credit card with any additional charges.

If you select an option where the shipping cost is actually less than the estimated cart price we will refund the difference to you. This can happen since the weight of several books can differ from how the cart calculate weights.

There is a $2.00 charge included for handling to cover costs of packaging and wrapping.

There are many postal conditions and restrictions on shipments that are not addressed here that you can investigate at

The US Postal Service does not deliver to ALL countries but does cover 196 nations.

Some areas we require, some we recommend--- that you have your order delivered to a post office box.