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Notice of Postal Increases

As of January 31, 2013 the United States Post Office increased international shipping costs by 75% or more depending on the services used.

We compared these prices with Canadian Post and the Postal Service in Great Britain, and it appears that international pricing has skyrocketed all at once throughout the world.

While the US postal service only increased domestic costs around 15%, they also added additional regulations to Priority Mail, that eliminates shipping anything but letters via priority envelopes, thus forcing an increase of around 70% to U.S. customers by tortuous regulation manipulation.

of Government services
working out for ya?

The best shipping rates for your hard earned dollars, pounds, euros, etc... is the old fashion parcel post method. The increases in this service was far less than priority and global priority services. The civilized nations are pushing the world into 3rd world status or a new Dark Ages.


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