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There's Only One Oscar Poole

Oscar J. Poole

Oscar Poole is an American classic. An American story of what hard work and liberty combined can induce. America is a great nation because it allows millions of Oscar Poole's to work, save, and succeed - LIBERTY is what happens when the government LEAVES US ALONE."
-Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

My life has been a spiritual journey, that is, a journey of spirit. It has not been easy. I believe most of my experiences have been normal - although I perceive myself as nothing normal! Abnormal? Let the reader decide! Unique, at the least. I do think the reader will be amused and impressed at the variety of experiences my life poses.
-Oscar Poole


There's Only One Oscar Poole
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"Oscar Poole's life is an American story - God, country, and family; struggles, defeats and victories. From the pulpit to pork, he has served and inspired all of us."
- Jack Kingston, Congressman, First District of Georgia