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Beyond the 5 Senses
Catalog #: SKU1171

THIS volume deals with certain phenomena that one comes across when stepping out of the world of sense to that which lies beyond it; that is, to the supernormal or transcendental, or whatever people prefer to call it.

Freedom Talks
Catalog #: SKU1087

Ever since the birth of the human race there have been health and disease. Everywhere we find those who live at levels of comprehension that cannot express in flesh the perfect power of the word and these must by natural law take on the form of whatever they have power to comprehend.

Catalog #: SKU2017

I SEND this little book out into the world, first, to aid those who, having decided to adopt a bloodless diet, are still asking how they can be nourished without flesh; second, in the hope of gaining something further to protect "the speechless ones" who, having come down through the centuries under "the dominion of man," have in their eyes the mute, appealing look of the helpless and oppressed.

Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure
Catalog #: SKU1190

Toxins must be cleansed from the body as well as invasive germs. Blood-letting is a simple technique to achieve this. Blood holds the toxins. By simply removing a quantity of blood the levels of toxins are significantly reduced.

Second Coming of Science
Catalog #: SKU0605

Science is going through a major revolution. Concepts such as free energy, healing and the interaction of our consciousness with the environment are becoming increasingly examined and accepted, and these will become the very cornerstones of a new science. The resulting technologies will surely assist us in making a global paradigm shift which will help restore Eden to Earth.

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