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Second Coming of Science

Second Coming of Science
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Second Coming of Science
An Intimate Report on the New Science

by Dr. Brian O'Leary

Science is going through a major revolution. Concepts such as free energy, healing and the interaction of our consciousness with the environment are becoming increasingly examined and accepted, and these will become the very cornerstones of a new science. The resulting technologies will surely assist us in making a global paradigm shift which will help restore Eden to Earth.

Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters - "Brian O'Leary is a prototype practitioner of the science that is longing to be born. I recommend The Second Coming of Science to all true scientists, that is, all seekers of the truth."

Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy - "The real-life implications of avant-garde research are rarely put in words. There are too few unifying terms-and too few people willing to sort through the scattered data. Brian O'Leary deserves our thanks for this landmark, state-of-the-art synthesis. He follows Einstein's dictum that explanations should be as simple as possible but no simpler."

Page 77

Casino Consciousness

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 27, 1991
My professional reason for visiting this mecca of gambling and debauchery was to host a television show on UFO research. But I also thought that as long as I was there I'd try my luck at the slot machines and blackjack tables.

I had just spent a month of virtual seclusion in the Oregon mountains, so on this first night out I felt optimistic and welcomed the excitement of the casino environment.

As I walked by the slot machines and blackjack tables I stopped at each one I felt good about and dangled a small pendulum. Why a pendulum? It's a device employed for dowsing, or divining. I was using it to check on whether or not it would be worth playing that particular machine or table. I tried to do it discreetly, but nevertheless some people did look at me strangely.

Dowsing is an ancient technique used by traditional peoples - and by increasing numbers of new scientists, particularly in the former Soviet Union where the practice is known as "biolocation." In the best-known traditional type of dowsing, the practitioner uses a forked stick or other natural object to locate or "divine" water, minerals, lost objects, etc.

End excerpt.

Page 81

From a collection of experiments, the Spindrift team has come up with a theory that four forces of consciousness are interacting in parapsychological experiments and in spiritual healing:

-- The first force is the volitionally psychic force used to guess or influence the right cards, slot machines, blackjack tables or binary numbers produced by random event generators. This is a goal-directed force which can bend spoons and seems to come from the solar plexus. The motto behind this perceptive force is "my will be done."

-- The second force is a defense mechanism, an inner voice that tells us not to achieve the goal. It basically tells us (unconsciously) we shouldn't exercise our psychic powers, because the unconscious mind somehow feels threatened by using these powers.

-- The third force is an ordering force, one which leaves it to a higher power ("God," or "the superconscious") to create the most harmonious pattern "for the highest good." The motto for this force is "thy will be done."

-- The fourth force is, again, the unconscious mind wanting to sabotage the achievement of the third force.

The spindrift experiments suggest that these hypothesized four forces appear to be at cross-purposes, like four teams of horses trying to pull a load in different directions at once. The two sabotaging defense mechanisms are the most powerful throughout, keeping the other two forces largely in check. These are the forces that keep us from being totally psychic and/or totally spiritual. The volitional force is the weakest, measured to be only one part in thousands for most operators, as compiled by the Princeton group. The ordering force appears to be significant, creating up to 10% effects depending on the operator and how the data are analyzed. This last force is what Spindrift is studying extensively in examining the power of prayer and healing.

End Excerpt

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