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About Us

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TGS beginnings

Welcome from the depths of our hearts to TGS - Hiddenmysteries.com. We hope your experience on our site and with our business satifies your yearnings for truth and knowledge.

IN 1996 TGS - hiddenmysteries.com was created from an idea, a hope, a dream. Ideas such as we dreamt of, are not common among the masses. It was not a 'normal' idea for us either. Something bigger than the two of us moved us in this direction. I call that 'bigger than us' the Universe -- most people call it God. The vernacular matters not, for it is One and the Same spirit that moved us into this business.

Up until this time we were simply 'normal?" people trying to keep the lights on and the roof over our heads. We were among the swarm of the masses of humans that 'know not what to do.' By Providence we were led to into publishing and book sales. We had no money to speak of. We had no equipment. We barely had a ream of paper -- and the light bill was due. However, the Universe was on our side.

We knew that we were 'selected' by God to bring a certain light, a ray of hope, a inkling that there were solutions to the massive amount of darkness being broadcast daily over radio, television, and the internet. There has to be a balance of darkness and light presented and available to researchers, truthseekers, and students of conspiracies.

As the Universe led our path, many things that most people would call 'luck', would come our way to the benefit of our lives and our business. At the same time we 'naively' did not realize that forces of darkness would always be at war with us, simply for allowing people the opportunity to seek that level of truth and understanding that 'God' has led them to.

As the Universe watched over us, our offerings via the website grew from one book in 1996 to over 1600 books that we have available today. These sources of information are invaluable to any person seeking knowledge and truth.

The question is always raised, "Do you believe in all this material you sell?" The answer is 'of course not.' But, there is value in every book we offer, whether or not we personally agree with the author's view. Some of the most horrid books still carry in them facts and truths preserved in writing, even though the author's opinions and conclusions may be disgusting to us.

We are not the world's censors. TGS thinks that all people should have the opportunity to read and study any idea or book written. Sacred writings say to 'know thy enemy' and how can you know your enemy if you are not allowed to read his ideas?

Our website, with the Universe's guidance, has grown from nothing to steadily ranking in the top 100,000 websites in the world. Other than hard work, there is nothing in this achievement that we can take credit for. It was 'something bigger.'

At the leading of 'God' we moved into various realms of the book business. As God saw the need, knowing that we would follow his direction, he entrusted us with more and more responsibilities and the Universe would bring people into our lives that would directly and indirectly influence and benefit the 'goal' that the Universe desired.

While this all sounds like 'fairy tale' stories, the fact is that there were many ups and downs for us personally, since we didn't always understand 'the goal' set for us. Our human nature would cause contentions at times, but the Universe would set us straight and get us back on the path intended. The dark forces would also lend a hand and intrusions to cause trouble between us and in our mission.

We have received many threatening communications, but I would evaluate the threats, file them in 'file 13' and let the Universe take care of us. Fear was not something we could operate under successfully.

Do we personally select the books we carry? While that would put kudos in our pockets and feather our egos, the fact is that the Universe really decides what will be carried, and we are the instruments that might get to take credit for Universal decisions.

Our FIRST book and our all time best seller was one we re-published called 'Mysteries of the Pyramid' by David H. Lewis. For many months it was the ONLY book we sold. It was the only book we had -- to publish and sell.

As things developed in this venture, by the 'pushing' of God, we branched out into Print on Demand publishing under TGS Publishers. There was a need in the industry for a unique service such as this. Some of the best authors with the most unique information in the world are yet unpublished. We (*or God) saw the need and set out to fulfill that goal. The Universe even sent investors that freely offered their money to purchase our first POD machine.

The Universe has given or set many goals for us and for you, all leading to accomplish a mission. Website publishing was one of those goals as we now take care of over 50 websites on two servers.

Even with all our successes and failures, knowing we were given this mission by the Universal Oneness -- we too sometimes forget that axiom of truth, Let go and Let God. --- At times we take on too much for one person or even two to handle, not allowing the Universe to supply what we need in the mission's time frame. Our zeal to fulfill the mission does sometimes over-ride the Universal 'plan.' Forgive us we are still human.

On that note, we welcome you to our 'store' and website. Browse around and let the Universe guide your steps to truth, knowledge, light and LIFE!

Laurence Savage

P.S. -- TGS = The Good Steward