Mysteries Government Mind Kontrol - The Proof

Mind Kontrol - The Proof

Mind Kontrol - The Proof
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Mind Kontrol - The Proof


Finally, here's the evidence! The US Government's own documents revealing it's involvement in MIND CONTROL projects. These classified documents, once hidden from public knowledge and scrutiny, under the 'guise' of National Security, are now showing the National Shame and National Abuse of WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, by their own government and its 'so-called' leaders.

Is this what the founding fathers of the US had envisioned in forming a more perfect union? A union of tyranny in the name of freedom? Medical and mental abuse of the people? Invasion of privacy at the most private place on earth -- THE MIND!

These documents were acquired under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), during a narrow window of their being unclassified due to time limitations of law, but are reported to have been reclassified by the current 'administration'.

With this disk and the book 'Tranceformation of America', you can see why they would want to hide this information from the public of this administration's relationship and involvement in the abuse of the people through torturous mind control projects, on unwilling victims and without their knowledge.

NOTE: These documents have been reproduced as EXACT reproductions of the documents released under the FOIA

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