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Blueprint for a Better World

Blueprint for a Better World
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for a Better World

A Methodology for providing the Global Village
with abundant pollution-free water
and inexpensive energy

by Brian Desborough

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that there is something seriously wrong with our present civilization. The global economy is rapidly collapsing, the world is beset with terrorism, war, famine, drought and virulent diseases. Pollution abounds and global desertification increases at the alarming rate of 20,000 square miles annually.

These seemingly unrelated events are, in actuality, the result of a master plan for transferring the wealth of the global populace into the hands of thirteen interrelated family bloodlines, who have covertly been the overlords of humanity since prior to the dawn of recorded history.

In this explosive and compelling book, author Brian Desborough presents the evidence which demonstrates that the 9/11 disaster was orchestrated by this evil cabal, in order to accelerate the collapse of the global economy. The book is not doom and gloom however. Drawing from many fields of research, this startling book presents the suppressed technologically advanced methodology for providing the Global Village with the abundant pure water and pollution-free energy necessary for transforming planet Earth into a veritable paradise, and freeing us from the bonds of the present fossil fuel based economy.

Information in this book demonstrates that planet Earth is a living entity, and that the science of Galileo, Newton and Einstein was seriously flawed.

Born in the county of Dorset, in southern England, Brian Desborough has served as a Director of Research and Technology for several American companies, and has provided consultation to a company involved in deep space research. He is the author of the book "They Cast no Shadows," a collection of his essays on the Illuminati, revisionist history and suppressed technologies.


Page 68

One balmy evening about six years ago, the author attended a party held at a mansion in Santa Barbara, California. The author was sitting in the garden with friends when a stranger approached him from out of the darkness. The stranger apologized for crashing the party and said that he felt compelled to give something to someone and intuitively felt that the person was the author. He handed the author a package and left. Upon opening the package, the author discovered that its contents were research papers written by Lloyed Zirbes!

In keeping with the work of such scientific giants as Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger, the research of Lloyed Zirbes will have a profound effect upon technologies brought forth by future generations of scientists, if they become acquainted with Lloyd Zirbes' experiments, for practical applications of his research would enable us to create communication systems (audio and video) based upon the broadcasting of gravity instead of electrons, anti gravitic systems for space travel, free energy systems and the ability to rearrange the atomic structure of matter by means of injected gravity.

All bodies, regardless of whether they are a planet or a sub atomic particle, are in motion and are influenced by gravitational fields. In the case of the Milky Way galaxy, the primary gravitational field is that of the universe, whereas the sun's gravitational field influences planet Earth. All bodies of matter are attracted toward the center of the gravitational field through which they move, but possessing their own weaker gravitational fields, which offer a repulsive force to that of the more powerful gravitational field, adopt a stable orbital path around the source of the stronger gravitational field. Zirbes' experiments demonstrated that as a body falls it expels a force of extracted energy along the leading edge of the fall, which causes the body to rotate in the direction of the extraction. This extracted energy is expelled from the equatorial region of the body (the Bloch wall), then flows over the surface of the body to re-enter the body at the poles.

According to Zirbes, the extracted energy is gravity. The centrifical force exerted on the rotating body also causes an ejection of mass from the body. Zirbes claimed that mass in motion was magnetism and that protons and electrons were clusters of sub atomic particles in motion. He stated that an electron was composed of eighty one such bodies while protons and neutrons each possessed twenty two thousand individual bodies, identical in composition to those comprising electrons. These bodies would correspond to the gluons of quantum mechanics and explains why a proton or ion has a much greater mass charge than an electron. The brilliant 19th century mathematician Georg Riemann achieved fame in the academic world by creating a metric tensor which allowed any point on a curved surface composed of four dimensions, to be defined by a collection of ten numbers. Reimann postulated that the warping of space created the apparent appearance of forces which are purely imaginary. He was unable however, to explain how gravity, electricity or magnetism were able to accomplish the warping of space.

Einstein applied Reimann's metric tensor to his own concept of warped space and hypothesized that the degree to which the space surrounding a body is curved is dependent upon the mass and energy inherent in that body. He was aware that the sun warped the path of light emitted from distant stars, thus creating an illusion of their true location, when viewed from Earth. He theorized that the distortion of the light path was caused by the curvature of space in the vicinity of the sun. His hypothesis concerning the warping of space is generally accepted as correct by present day theoretical physicists and mathematicians presumably because experiments, conducted during solar eclipses, have revealed that the light emitted from distant stars is indeed distorted in the vicinity of the sun.

There is an alternate explanation for this occurrence however. The experiments of Lloyd Zirbes and his scientific team demonstrated that a rotating body expels extracted energy that forms a field which we call gravity, the strength of which is determined by the permeability of its mass and angular velocity of the body. The author suggests that it is the gravitational field of the sun that distorts the path of starlight, not the presence of curved space. In other words, curved space may only exist in the fertile imagination of mathematicians and theoretical physicists, not in the physical universe.

Softbound, 5.25 x 8.25", 224 pages


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