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Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure

Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure
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Natural Cures
For High Blood Pressure

By Dr. Cass Ingram<


Blood cleansing: ancient technique, modern value

Today, no one considers the importance of clean, healthy blood.

People often attempt to cleanse their colons and livers. However, in general the health of the bloodstream is neglected. In the early 1900s this was not the case. Then, entire clinics specialized in blood cleansing. Products and tonics, specifically for cleansing the blood, were produced and marketed. People realized the dangers of unhealthy blood and the benefits of purifying it.

The importance of blood cleansing can be demonstrated by a simple fact. Within minutes whatever enters it travels to every cell and organ in the body. Thus, the health of human cells and organs are directly dependent upon the health of the blood. If the blood is diseased, all cells will be affected. If it is healthy, all cells and organs will correspond. If it is septic, the entire body will become septic, even critical organs such as the brain, kidneys, liver; and heart. What's more, if it is toxic, so will be the rest of the body.

Everyone knows that blood is red. This is because of the interaction of oxygen with the iron-containing protein known as hemoglobin. The oxygen is derived from the air which flows through the lungs. The hemoglobin is produced in the bone manow, spleen, and liver. Untold trillions of red cells are found in the body, and each is responsible for transporting oxygen to the cells. Thus, the red cells are critical to human survival. Without them death rapidly ensues.

These cells must be kept in the most optimal health possible. To do so toxins must be cleansed from the body as well as invasive germs. Blood-letting is a simple technique to achieve this. Blood holds the toxins. By simply removing a quantity of blood the levels of toxins are significantly reduced.

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