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Henrietta Latham Dwight

I SEND this little book out into the world, first, to aid those who, having decided to adopt a bloodless diet, are still asking how they can be nourished without flesh; second, in the hope of gaining something further to protect "the speechless ones" who, having come down through the centuries under "the dominion of man," have in their eyes the mute, appealing look of the helpless and oppressed.


"Lately I have been in the city of Chicago-one of the greatest slaughter-houses of the world-where the slaughter-men, who are employed from early morn till late at night in the killing of thousands of these hapless creatures, are made a class practically apart from their fellow-men; they are marked out by the police as the most dangerous part of the community; amongst them are committed most crimes of violence, and the most ready use of the knife is found. One day I was speaking to an authority on this subject, and I asked him how it was that he knew so decidedly that most of the murders and the crimes with the knife were perpetrated by that particular class of men, and his answer was suggestive, although horrible.

He said: 'There is a peculiar turn of the knife which men learn to use in the slaughter-house, for, as the living creatures are brought to them by machinery, these men slit their throats as they pass by. That twist of the wrist is the characteristic of most crimes with the knife committed amongst our Chicago population.'

That struck me at once as both a horrible and significant fact. What right have people to condemn other men to a trade that makes them so readily take to the knife in anger; which marks them out as specially brutalized-brutes amongst their fellow-men? Being constantly in the sight and the smell of blood, their whole nature is coarsened; accustomed to kill thousands of creatures, they lose all sense of reverence for sentient life, they grow indifferent to the suffering they continually see around them; accustomed to inflict pain, they grow callous to the sight of pain; accustomed to kill swiftly, and sometimes not even waiting until the creature is dead before the skin is stripped from it, their nerves become coarsened, hardened, and brutalized, and they are less men as men because they are slaughterers of animals. And everyone who eats flesh meat has part in that brutalization; everyone who uses what they provide is guilty of this degradation of his fellow-men.

"If I may not appeal to you in the name of the animals-if under mistaken views you regard animals as not sharing your kind of life-then I appeal to you in the name of human brotherhood, and remind you of your duty to your fellow-men, your duty to your nation, which must be built up partly of the children of those who slaughter-who physically inherit the very signs of this brutalizing occupation. I ask you to recognize your duty as men and women who should raise the Race, not degrade it; who should try to make it divine, not brutal; who should try to make it pure, not foul; and therefore, in the name of Human Brotherhood, I appeal to you to leave your own tables free from the stain of blood and your consciences free from the degradation of your fellow-men."

That flesh-eating is not necessary to the perfect health of man is attested by many scientists.

Comparative Tables of Vegetable And Animal Foods.
From "The Perfect Way in Diet."
Bread, Biscuit, and Rolls.
Beaten Biscuit.-No. 1.
Beaten Biscuit.-No. 2.
Baking-Powder Biscuit.
Cream Biscuit.
French Rolls.
Raised Finger-Rolls.
Windsor Rolls.
Elizabetti Rolls.
Rye Rolls.
Gluten Rolls.
Parker House Rolls.
Boston Brown Bread.
Boston Brown Bread With Raisins.
Boston Brown Bread Stewed.
Graham Bread.
Rye Bread.
Quick White Bread.
Date Bread.
Coffee Bread.-No. 1.
Coffee Bread.-No. 2.
Norwegian Rolls.
Rice Muffins.
English Muffins.
Graham Popovers.
Graham Gems.
Gems Of Kernel (Middlings) And White Flour.
Gems Of Rye Meal.
Corn Batter Bread.
Corn Bread.
Corn Griddle Cakes.
White Bread Griddle Cakes.
Boston Brown Bread Griddle Cakes.
Epicurean Rolls.
Bread From Rummer Flour.
Biscuits Of Kernel Or Graham Flour.
To Soft Boil Eggs.
To Hard Boil Eggs.
Eggs À La Crême.
Eggs Au Gratin.
Nun's Toast.
Eggs À La Maître D'hôtel.
Egg Timbales.
Eggs Stuffed With Mushrooms.
Eggs With Cream.
Curried Eggs.
Stuffed Eggs.
Fried Stuffed Eggs.
Fricasseed Eggs.
Egg Chops.
Plain Omelet.
Omelet With Cheese.
Omelet With Mushrooms.
Omelet With Tomatoes.
Poached Eggs With Tomato Catsup.
Eggs Poached In Cream.
Eggs Poached In Tomatoes.
Eggs In A Brown Sauce.
Cream Of Jerusalem Artichokes.
Cream Of Asparagus.
Cream Of Lima Beans.
Cream Of Cauliflower.
Cream Of Celery.
Cream Of Chestnuts.
Cream Of Cucumbers.
Cream Of Summer Squash.
Cream Of Lettuce.
Cream Of Mushrooms.
Cream Of Green Peas.
Cream Of Rice.
Cream Of Spinach.
Carrot Soup.
Celeriac Soup.
Mock Clam Soup.
Corn And Tomato Soup.
Soup Crècy.
Curry Soup.
Mock Fish Soup.
A Norwegian Sweet Soup.
Onion Soup.
Soup Of Green Peas.-No. 1.
Soup Of Green Peas.-No. 2.
Potato Soup.
Purèe Of Vegetables.
Purèe Of Turnips.
Vegetable Soup.
Tomato Soup.
Barley Soup.
Black Bean Soup With Mock Meat Balls.
Egg Border With Rice And Curry Sauce.
Rice Border With Vegetables Or Hard Boiled Eggs In Cream Sauce.
A Border Timbale Of Mock Chicken.
A Mould Of Spaghettina.
Spinach Border Mould.
A Filling For The Center Of Mould Of Spinach.
Mock Cod Fish Balls.
Mock Fish Balls In Curry Or Cream Sauce.
Mock Fish (A Norwegian Dish).
Mock Meat.
Spaghettina Chops.
Tomato Chops.
Savory Fried Bread.
Mock Fish Chops.
Fricassee Of Spaghettina.
Mushrooms En Coquille.
Ragout Of Egg Plant.
Patties Of Puff Paste.
Savory Rice (A Mexican Dish).
Ragout Of Asparagus With Mock Meat Balls.
Curried Rice Croquettes.
Mock Fish Croquettes.
Walnut Croquettes.
Ragout Of Mushrooms.
Mock Chicken Croquettes.
To Boil Potatoes.
Potatoes Baked.
To Mash Potatoes.
New Potatoes With Cream Sauce.
Broiled Potatoes.
Potatoes À La Crême Au Gratin.
Stuffed Potatoes.
Potato Fricassee.
Potatoes À La Duchesse.
Saratoga Chips.
French Fried Potatoes.
Potatoes À La Maître D'hôtel.
Potatoes Lyonnaise.
Potatoes À La Parisienne.
Potatoes Creamed And Browned.
Potato Puff.
White Potato Croquettes.
Potato Papa (A Mexican Dish).
Sweet Potatoes Fried Raw.
Cooked Sweet Potatoes Fried.
Sweet Potatoes Mashed And Browned.
Sweet Potato Croquettes.
Brussels Sprouts.
Okra And Tomatoes.
Purèe Of Peas.
Purèe Of Lima Beans
Purèe Of Cucumbers.
Stuffed Cucumbers.
Cucumbers Stuffed With Mushrooms.
Escalloped Egg Plant.
Stuffed Egg Plant.
Green Corn Cakes.
Corn Pudding.
Mock Oysters Of Green Corn.
Corn Boiled On The Cob.
Curry Of Corn.
Croquettes Of Salsify And Celeriac.
Indian Curry Of Vegetables.
Marrowfat Beans Baked.
Bayo Or Mexican Beans.-No. 1.
Mexican Beans.-No. 2.
Emparadas (A Mexican Recipe).
Frijoles Fritos.
Broiled Mushrooms.
Mushrooms On Toast.
Mushrooms Stewed In A Cream Sauce.
Tomatoes Stuffed With Mushrooms.-No. 1.
Tomatoes Stuffed With Mushrooms.-No. 2.
Escalloped Tomatoes.
Tomatoes With Egg.
French Carrots In Brown Sauce.
French Carrots And Peas.
Spinach Pudding.
Spinach Balls.
Tomatoes And Mushrooms.
To Boil Rice Plain.
Cauliflower With Drawn Butter.
Escalloped Cauliflower.
Escalloped Spaghettina.
Chestnut Purèe.
Purèe Of Dried White Beans.
Squash Pudding.
Squash Fritters.
Summer Squash.
Rice Croquettes.
Fricassee Of Celeriac.
Yellow Turnip Ragout.
Tomatoes Stuffed With Cheese.
Jerusalem Artichokes.
Pointes D'asperges.
Purple Cabbage With Chestnuts.
Parsnip Croquettes With Walnuts.
Parsnips Fried.
Parsnip Fritters.
To Cook String Beans.
Spanish Onions Stuffed.
Stuffed Celeriac With Spanish Sauce.
Spring Cabbage Stewed.
Spring Cabbage With Cream Sauce.
Spring Turnips In Cream Sauce.
White Bread Balls.
Noodles À La Ferrari.
Gnocchi À La Romaine.
Mayonnaise Dressing.
Cream Salad Dressing.
French Dressing.
Tomato Ice Salad.
Tomato Jelly.
Spaghettina And Celery Salad.
Salad Of Fairy Rings And Puff Ball Mushrooms.
Salad Of Fresh Fruit.
Cucumber Jelly.
Walnut And Celery Salad.
Pineapple And Celery Salad.
Fruit Salad.
Potato Salad.
Salad Of Tomatoes Stuffed With Celery.
Celeriac And Lettuce Salad.
Raw Jerusalem Artichokes And Lettuce Salad.
Salad À La Macèdoine.
Asparagus Salad.
Cucumber Salad.
Cold Slaw.
Tomato Salad.
Egg Salad. 140 Desserts.
Apple Betty.
Apple Charlotte.
Apple Croquettes.
Apples Stewed Whole.
Apple Soufflè.
Apple Custard.-No. 1.
Apple Custard.-No. 2.
Baked Apple Dumplings.
Apple Float.
Apples Fried.
Apple Marmalade.
Apple Meringue.
Apple Pudding.-No. 1.
Apple Pudding.-No. 2.
Apples Stewed In Butter.
To Steam Apples.
Scalloped Apples.
Banana Fritters.
Bavarian Cherry Cake.
Cranberry Bavarian Cream.
A Mould Of Fresh Fruit.
A Dessert Of Mixed Fruit.
Gooseberry Pudding.
Pineapple Meringue.
Prune Soufflè.
Prune Mould.
Stewed Dried Figs.
Rhubarb Meringue.
Scalloped Rhubarb.
Rice And Date Pudding.
Rice And Fig Pudding 154 Rice And Raisin Pudding.
Rice And Prune Pudding.
Rice Flour Pudding.
Rice Soufflè Cold.
Rice Pudding.-No. 1.
Rice Pudding.-No. 2.
Rice Omelette Soufflè.
Strawberry Shortcake.-No. 1.
Strawberry Shortcake.-No. 2. 158 Ladies' Locks Filled With Strawberries.
Strawberries Scalloped.
Currant Pudding.
Stewed Dates.
Stuffed Dates.
Tapioca And Apple Pudding.
Tapioca And Strawberry Jelly.
Tapioca And Raspberry Jelly.
Tapioca And Currant Jelly.
Pearl Sago And Fruit Jellies.
Bread And Butter Pudding.-No. 1.
Bread And Butter Pudding.-No. 2.
Bread Custard.
Fried Bread.
Chocolate Cream.
Chocolate Custard.
Chocolate Pudding.
Cottage Pudding.
Caramel Custard Baked.
Soft-Boiled Custard.
A Simple Dessert.
Ginger Cream.
Graham Pudding.
Nalesneky (A Russian Recipe).
Noodle Pudding.
Paradise Pudding.
Princess Pudding.
English Plum Pudding.
Sago Soufflè.
Semoulina Pudding.
Serniky (A Russian Recipe).
Steamed Pudding.
Sponge Cake Meringue.
Pudding Of Stale Cake.
Baked Tapioca Pudding.
Tapioca Cream.
Steamed Rice.
Rice Cake.
Brown Bread Pudding.
Vanilla Ice Cream.
Coffee Ice Cream.
Strawberry Ice Cream.
Raspberry Ice Cream.
Walnut Ice Cream.
Orange Ice.
Strawberry Ice.
White Currant Ice
Pineapple Ice.
Lemon Ice.
Raspberry Ice.
Frozen Pudding.
Windsor Rock Punch.
Cake Making.
Angel Cake.
Berlinerkrands (A Norwegian Cake).
Blueberry Cake.
Cinnamon Cake.
Cream Puffs.
Lady Cake.
Honey Cake (A Norwegian Recipe).
Simple Fruit Cake.
Bavarian Cake.
Pound Cake.
Sponge Cake.-No. 1.
Sponge Cake.-No. 2.
Corn Sponge Cake (A Spanish Recipe).
Spiced Gingerbread.
Cream Gingerbread.
Ginger Sponge Cake.
Soft Gingerbread.
Ginger Cakes.
Ginger Snaps.-No. 1.
Ginger Snaps.-No. 2.
Hard Gingerbread.
Brandy Snaps.
Pepper Nuts.-No. 1.
Pepper Nuts-No. 2.
Tea Cakes.
Fig Cake.
Ginger Layer Cake.
Orange Cake.
Pineapple Cake.
Chocolate Layer Cake.
Poor Man's Cake (A Norwegian Recipe).
Venison Cakes (A Norwegian Recipe).
Seed Cakes.
Drop Cakes.
Macaroons (A Bavarian Recipe).
Chocolate Macaroons (A Bavarian Recipe).
Soda Cakes.
Walnut Wafers.
Jode Cakes (A Norwegian Recipe).
Boiled Icing.
Plain Pastry.
Puff Paste.
To Make One Squash Or Pumpkin Pie.
Sweet Rissoles.
Richmond Maids Of Honor.
Cheese Cakes.
Cocoanut Pie (A Southern Recipe).
Lemon Pie (A Southern Recipe).
Mince Meat.
Chocolate Caramels-No. 1.
Chocolate Caramels.-No. 2.
Chocolate Caramels.-No. 3.
Chocolate Cream Peppermints.
CANDY (To Pull).
Chestnuts Glacè.
Cocoanut Cakes.
Hoarhound Candy.
Panoche (A Spanish Recipe).
Peppermint Drops.
Vassar Fudge.
Preserve Of Mixed Fruits.
Red Currant Jam.
Red Currant Jelly.
Red Currant Syrup.
Black Currant Syrup.
Cranberry Jam.
Gooseberry Jelly.
Gooseberry Jam.
Grape Jam.
Pineapple Jam.
Raspberry Or Strawberry Jam.
Orange Marmalade.
Pumpkin Chips.
Pickles, Sauces, etc.
Ripe Cucumber Pickle.
Sweet Pickled Peaches.
Sweet Pickled Plums.
Spiced Currants.
Chili Sauce.
Chili Pepper Sauce.
Mustard Pickles.
Ripe Tomato Pickle.
Green Tomato Pickles.
Gooseberry Catsup.
Raspberry Vinegar.
Sweet Sauces.
Fruit Sauce.
Fresh Fruit Sauce.
Orange Sauce.
Banana Sauce.
Foaming Sauce.
Hard Sauce.
Southern Sauce.
Vanilla Sauce.
Sauce For Noodle Pudding.
Maple Syrup Sauce.
Savory Sauces.
Vegetable Stock For Sauces.
Coloring For Sauces, Soups, Etc.
Olive Sauce.
Sauce Hollandaise.
Drawn Butter Or Cream Sauce.
Curry Sauce.
Cheese Sauce.
Tomato Sauce.
Sauce Tartare
Sauce Piquante.
Cheese Sandwiches.
Celery Sandwiches.
Nut And Cream Cheese Sandwiches.
Nut Sandwiches.
Whole Wheat Bread And Peanut Sandwiches.
Olive Sandwiches.
Crackers And Cheese Toasted.
Crackers With Cream Cheese And Guava Jelly.
Welsh Rarebit.
Cheese Soufflè.
Cheese Straws.
Pâte À Chou For Soups.
A Filling For Patties.
Gruel Of Kernel Flour Or Middlings.
Home-Made Baking Powder.
Vanilla Extract.
Vanilla Sugar.
Spinach For Coloring.
Tomato Paste For Sandwiches.
Cheese Paste For Sandwiches.
Miscellaneous Recipes.
Tooth Powder.
Japanese Cream.
Orange Flower Lotion For The Complexion.
Bay Rum.
Fine Lavender Water.
Good Hard Soap.
Polish For Hard Or Stained Wood Floors.

245+ pages - 8¼ x 6¾ inches SoftCover

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