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Scandal of the Century

Jon Rappoport

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport uncovers the shocking truth about AIDS: Thousands die needlessly as the medical world and media pull off the bigest scandal of our time - all for the love of power and money. AIDS Inc. takes you on a sizzling behind-the-scenes tour of laboratories, newsrooms and even the White House to expose the real killers behind the disease. It's the most explosive, myth-shattering book you'll read.

Thousands are dying needlessly as the medical world and media pull off the biggest scandal of our time - all for love of money & power. " You will learn the truth, you will change your mind." - E. Bagley, M.D.

Author's Introduction

In spending the last year and a half writing a book on the scandal behind the AIDS virus, I was blessed with a publisher who let me find the truth without worrying about the opinions of our medical establishment.

In such an atmosphere of freedom, I discovered two things right away. Most reporters could not print what they thought on this subject, and the real shape of AIDS is as different from the media picture we are fed as a mouse is from a giraffe.

AIDS around the world is not one condition. It is a variety of dead-end health situations in various groups where immune suppression is caused by different factors, such as medical drugs, starvation, syphilis, tropical disease, contaminated water, hopelessness and misery.

That's the hardest thing to get people to see. AIDS has never been proved to be one condition. The so-called AIDS virus, HIV, has never been proven to cause any human disease.

Viral hysteria, as I call it, is business as usual for the medical research establishment which operates on the idea that new diseases are bonanzas which bring Nobel prizes, grant monies, and pharmaceutical profits in the billions. It is the job of this research bureaucracy to discover new germs, claim they are the sole cause of the disease, and then start the ball rolling towards yet more "curative" drugs.

Unfortunately, the whole ball of string is unravelling with AIDS, because, since the fabled HIV virus has never been to shown to cause any disease, all the research on a vaccine and on viral inhibitors like AZT are totally misguided and wrong headed. Intellectually and intuitively, people diagnosed with AIDS realize this and are deserting orthodox health practitioners in droves as they seek their own underground health solutions for their problems.

Patients of traditional MDs are too often told their lives and habits have nothing to do with this thing they have called AIDS, and all they can do is wait for a cure for the "deadly virus."

Madness. What you then get are patients who believe they can continue to ingest speed or poppers (inhalant nitrites) or prodigious quantities of antibiotics, because no one has warned them that these things can suppress their immune response. They simply use condoms, continue their drug habits and imagine they are doing the best they can.

In every so-called high risk group, there exists a whole raft of immunosuppressive factors that can bring on the catalog of unrelated diseases and infections called AIDS. The word AIDS is simply a piece of hypnotic death dealing used to create an umbrella, under which hundreds of disease symptoms can be collected.

In AIDS Inc., I recount the case of a man who consumed over a period of ten years the following drugs on a steady basis: cocaine, heroin, poppers, crystal meth, airplane glue, valium, speed, percodans, quaaludes, and booze. After one episode of pneumocystis pneumonia, his doctor told him he had AIDS and that his only hope was to stay alive long enough to see a cure for the AIDS virus.

Gradually, this man became aware that he had destroyed his own immune system through his ingestion of drugs. He is now considering a class action suit against various medical bodies.

I've taken part in a number of public debates on AIDS, and one of the points always raised has to do with where AIDS is and isn't found in the world. The argument goes this way: Wherever we find the HIV virus we find AIDS, and wherever we don't find the virus we don't find AIDS. Therefor, AIDS is really one disease-condition caused by one virus.

Baloney. In fact, you can find people in droves who have the clinical symptoms of what is now called AIDS all over the world. You can find them in countries like India and Afghanistan where no one has reported the presence of the HIV virus, and you could have found them with the same "AIDS" symptoms ten or twenty or a hundred years ago. That also goes for heroin junkies in New York City forty years ago.

Furthermore, you can find thousands of people who test positive for the HIV virus who have no symptoms. Medical reseachers are fond of playing a trick to explain this. They say these people will eventually develop AIDS symptoms. It may take six months, and if that isn't long enough, it may take fourteen years. As long as you want. Fill in the blank. It's a very convenient way to cover massive ignorance and "explain" why many people who test positive for HIV develop no illness.

"AIDS" is basically any form of human immune suppression, which then results in the development of so-called opportunistic infections. This pattern is nothing new. It has existed in all places of the world since the beginning of time. As a matter of fact, researchers generally acknowledge that chronic malnutrition is the largest cause of immune suppression in the world.

Interesting that the latest definitions of AIDS in the Third World list the major symptoms as chronic diarrhea, chronic fever,and severe weight loss. That is the picture of what happens when a person does not eat.

The biggest long standing killer of people in the Third World is starvation, especially when coupled with traditional tropical diseased and contaminated water. This is not just a problem of droughts and acts of God, it is a political problem, because in many of these nations, if only 5% of the food already grown for export by large multinational corporations could be set aside for the local poor, starvation would diminish and end.

So in the decade ahead, AIDS is going to become a perfect smoke screen in front of people dying by starvation in the Third World. If you know anything about how these nations are being forced to refinance their unpayable debts to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, you know that Africa, for example, is being recolonized by the West. More poor are being created who will starve, the middle classes are being destroyed. In this light, how convenient that a world of mindless TV viewers will think that Africa is dying of a virus discovered in a lab in Maryland.

This is the barest skeletal outline of what I give chapters of evidence for in AIDS Inc.: That AIDS is not one thing, that the HIV virus has never been shown to cause any disease, that groups said to have large numbers of AIDS cases already had ample immune suppression from obvious sources.

As I stress in public talks and in my book, if you think I'm recommending free-for-all sex, you're crazy. Traditional sexually transmitted diseases can wreak havoc with an immune system. However, what is going on when the idea of a single global plague is created to terrorize the hell out of a world population? I'll tell you what is going on. An effort to control those populations and make billions in pharmaceutical profits.

My prediction is that in the next three years the definition of AIDS will continue to expand. This will increase the numbers of cases being reported, and it will convince most people we are suffering from a new plague. When the vaccines and "curative" drugs are introduced globally, newer definitions of AIDS will be framed. When the definitions are again narrowed, it will appear that suddenly the numbers of cases, owing to the miracle of the new drugs, has diminished. Heroes will be crowned, but in fact a few will realize that the drugs were worthless all along - a few like you.

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