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There's Only One Oscar Poole

There's Only One Oscar Poole
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There's Only One
Oscar Poole


Taking Pork Back to Washington
for 13 Years

An Autobiography by
Oscar Poole
In His Own Words

Colonel Oscar Poole, along with his wife, Edna, is the highly successful owner of Col. Poole's Georgia BAR-B-Q, Inc., located 75 miles north of Atlanta on Highway 515 in the little town of East Ellijay. It is home to the Taj-Ma-Hog, the Hog Rock Cafè, and the world famous Pig-Hill-of-Fame.

He is also president of La Vie, an international retreat center, located near Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Col. Poole is an experienced pastor, having served for 22 years in the United Methodist Church. He was chosen "Minister of the Year" three times and his ministry was once selected as one of the "One Hundred Most Creative and Innovative" in the denomination. Presently, he is a member of the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists.

In 1996 he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in San Diego, where he played the piano for two occasions.

His international experience includes travels to Holland, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico and Haiti. He has made ten trips to Brazil, where he has spoken and played the piano to audiences in most of the major cities.

He is co-founder and active promoter of the McCutchen-Poole Small Business Coalition, the purpose of which is to enlist the 27 million small businesses in America to become a viable force in addressing political reform.


"Oscar Poole's life is an American story - God, country, and family; struggles, defeats and victories. From the pulpit to pork, he has served and inspired all of us."
- Jack Kingston, Congressman, First District of Georgia

"Oscar Poole is more than a good friend. He is a friend to the world. He lives his truth as outlined in his words, deeds and personal unfoldment in a lively, entertaining and inspirational way. From political leaders, statesmen, students and the ordinary citizen, we all benefit from his presence on this planet. There is only one Oscar Poole."
- Rev. Dr. Reginald G. Johnson, Spiritual Leader, Unity Church of the Mountains; Host of WOW Radio

"Oscar Poole is an American classic. An American story of what hard work and liberty combined can induce. America is a great nation because it allows millions of Oscar Poole's to work, save, and succeed - LIBERTY is what happens when the government LEAVES US ALONE."
- Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform; Author, "Leave Us Alone"


Chapter I
The Life of Col. Dr. Oscar Poole

A modern day Entrepreneur -Statesman-Theologian-Philosopher

Personal note

This book is written about me, by me! Why? Because I know me better than anyone else! I have lived with myself for 79 years - having lived through 13 presidents, five wars, four recessions. I could have sought a more professional writer, but decided the content of my life was more important and besides, I am a little professional myself!

Why this book?

Because my life has been so strangely beautiful - nothing short of a living romance, I decided I should do this for my posterity --- that when I am gone, I'll still be around, through my books, musical CDs and a continuing family business (a legend and landmark in Georgia). My earlier books were written to record some of my core beliefs, which, when written I knew would not be read until my passing. Especially I think this is true within my own family! (I believe this may be true in most cases, so this thought alone gives some comfort and saves me from a feeling of rejection!)

A spiritual journey

My life has been a spiritual journey, that is, a journey of spirit. It has not been easy. I believe most of my experiences have been normal - although I perceive myself as nothing normal! Abnormal? Let the reader decide! Unique, at the least. I do think the reader will be amused and impressed at the variety of experiences my life poses.

This is a developing story. Change has been about the only constant. Why this? Because over the years I have developed a "theology for change!" I see clearly that change is a vital part of living, and it is something to be accepted. It has not been easy for me to grow out of the old and into the new, but it has been the most rewarding, though often challenging! I see change as a freeing experience. Yes, my life has been on the go, from the word "go," and it is still going! To where, you may ask! I am 79 years of age and it seems I am only getting started! This keeps me abreast with the changes all around me. It keeps me challenged, excited and often wondering what's next! Yes, life for me continues to be adventuresome. I find myself eager to face the next phase! Who wants to go with me?!


A Note from the Publisher

Oscar Poole is certainly one of the 'hidden mysteries' of the conservative movement today. His refreshing outlook and solutions proposed are what is desperately needed from local school governments to Washington, D.C. He has maintained the 'true' conservative philosophy that has been lost on most media 'bloviators' and mouthpieces of the Republican Party.

His views, if immediately embraced, could be the saving grace for the GOP and the entire conservative movement. History supports the 'true' conservative philosophy and is the reason that conservative Democrats held rule over the South for over 100 years. It was not the party, but the philosophy of conservative, limited, and restrained government. TGS would probably be considered a 'liberal' publisher, because the media thinks they must 'label' everyone and everything into identifiable camps, thus aiding and abetting the political parties to divide and conquer the people of America.

Having had several conversations with Oscar Poole during the development of this book, I find there is little difference in his conservative goals and my so-called liberal goals. Additionally, our approach to solutions is virtually the same.

310+ pages - 8¼ X 6¾ softcover

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