TGS Authors Dorothy Leon SAINT GERMAIN'S Mystical Quest for Freedom and Democracy - Book 2 of a Trilogy

SAINT GERMAIN'S Mystical Quest for Freedom and Democracy - Book 2 of a Trilogy

SAINT GERMAIN'S Mystical Quest for Freedom and Democracy - Book 2 of a Trilogy
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Mystical Quest for
Freedom and Democracy

by Dorothy Leon
Book 2 of a Trilogy

Saint Germain is often referred to as "the wonderman of Europe, the man who never dies". His undaunted dedication compelled him to remain upon Earth one hundred years after he made his ascension. As one of the ancient Atlantean founders of "Freemasonry", this dedicated master of freedom refused to leave the planet until the divine plan of anchoring the "New Atlantis" had been set into motion. He now serves as chohan of the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transmutation, radiating this divine quality to our solar system. All who enjoy the privileges of a democratic society today are deeply indebted to his continual, unwavering efforts.

This 240-page book, with many charts and illustrations, as well as 373 footnotes, offers a history of the concept of Democracy from Atlantean times foreword. It clarifies the role of the Mystery Schools, especially Freemasonry, by exploring their antiquity, their original purity, and their later deterioration. Many authors today are so anxious to label Masonry as being "of the devil", that they literally "throw out the baby with the bath water". This book distinguishes the true esotericism and the divine remnant of "overseers" from the manipulating forces of materialistic, power-hungry leaders.

As the early Democratic attempts are traced throughout history, the role of the Great White Brotherhood and their overall Divine Plan for mankind, becomes clear. The mysterious role of Columbus is also clarified, as his lifewave is traced from Atlantean times through that of the Prophet Samuel and onward to the genius of Sir Francis Bacon--"hearld of a New Age", founder of "New Atlantis", and author of the Shakespearian plays. This great Soul ascended to become Saint Germain, who restored the ancient mysteries and influenced the founding of the American nation. The term "Uncle Sam" is derived from his lifetime as the Prophet Samuel.

This book offers a ray of hope to the world, an assurance that we are not adrift in a sea of confusion. There is a "Divine Plan"--a plan that has been fostered by a network of spiritual disciples for thousands of years. These disciples have been tirelessly working behind the scenes for the perfection of mankind and a perfect democratic society. The spiritual influences and disruptive forces are traced through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to reveal the vast amount of preparation that has been made for the impending Golden Age.

This book also includes a supplement for the esoteric student which gives an in-depth explanation for the Divine Hierarchy, as well as the opposing Forces of Evil.

* * History of Democracy from Atlantean times
* * Antiquity of Mystery Schools and Freemasonry
* * Distinction between divine "overseers" and manipulating leaders
* * Role of the Great White Brotherhood and their Divine Plan
* * The mysterious role of Christopher Columbus
* * Sir Francis Bacon, herald of the "New Age", wrote Shakespeare
* * The Soul of Columbus, and Sir Francis Bacon became Saint Germain

The purpose of this book is to clear up three misconceptions:

1) peace occurs without effort;
2) democracy just happened in America; and
3) the misunderstandings about Freemasonry.

Peace comes from the word salem or shalom, meaning a state of peace and well being. World peace will not simply occur if one remains passive. Peace begins with you; it requires action; becoming a "peacemaker".

Democracy is part of a divine plan that was conveyed to mankind by divine beings. It is the divine right of mankind to be free. But this attainment cannot be realized without assuming the required responsibility. Freedom and democracy are not gifts, they are blessings that are earned.

Freemasonry is an ancient Atlantean organization that is greatly misunderstood. People tend to mistrust what they do not understand. When they perceive an organization with "secrets", their mistrust turns to suspicion. It has not been understood that it was the religious tolerance, morality, and goals of the Freemasons that prepared the world for freedom and democracy. It has not been understood that certain powers are kept secret to prevent their misuse; that these "secrets" cannot be recognized until one has to proper keys to unlock the mystery.

This book fills a need in the literary world by clarifying these misunderstandings and offering certain keys that can be recognized only by those with a pure heart This book explains the true meaning of freedom and democracy and the inner implications of liberty, justice, and equality, the pillars of strength and stability that support the archway of establishment.

Paperback, 5 x 8, 240+ pages

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