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Chemtrails Confirmed

Chemtrails Confirmed
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Chemtrails Confirmed
By Will Thomas

by Will Thomas

The definitive study on Chemtrails from the most researched materials.



Deteriorating weather conditions are often observed in the wake of an activity referred to by the US Air Force as "aerial obscuration". These unpredicted weather changes include sudden temperature drops, high winds, unusually heavy or unseasonable precipitation, and murky overcasts on days forecast for "sunny weather".

Is it possible for fleets of spray aircraft to alter the heat balance of weather systems containing more energy that all atomic arsenals corn- binëd?

As a self-proclaimed high-level military source involved in atmos- pheric research emailed me:

From the basic theorems of the '60's and '70's, the modeling of the '80's and '90's, we probably have a basis for some large- scale experiments and might be glimpsing the results. Being an old 'weather mod' person, I've been accustomed to the adage that a little goes a long way. With proper conditions (most of the time in January and February) the striking of a match, pre- laced with Iodine, on a silver coin would turn a serene valley into a blinding snow storm in a short time."

Concurrent with this toxic sky spraying, in timing and location too drastic and too often occurring to be coincidence, epidemics of sudden, acute and sometimes fatal illness continue to occur among populations exposed to chemical clouds.

Widespread accounts of a "metallic taste" in the mouth, odors of petroleum, difficulty in breathing and other acute allergic reactions by observers on the ground suggest that the rapid fall-rate of highly aller- genic IP-8 jet fuel, as well as other toxic chemicals present in varying spray mixes, may be major factors in adverse health reactions among residents of heavily sprayed areas.

The prevalence of fungal infections in 99% of surveyed sufferers from Chemtrail-Related illness, and the growing belief among promi- nent health researchers that novel forms of fungi are responsible for many mystery ailments, lends credence to this author's theoiy that rap- idly descending particulates in chemtrail fallout are bringing airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi "down to Earth" - and into lungs unprepared to confront these unfamiliar life-forms.

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