Health-Healing Health Studies How to Eat Right and Live Longer

How to Eat Right and Live Longer

How to Eat Right and Live Longer
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How to Eat Right
and Live Longer

Dr. Cass Ingram

Another GREAT book from the genius of Cass Ingram. Dr. Ingram shows how the 'right' foods can bring you health and longevity. He has been researching the decline of American health for many years and discovering why Americans are suffering in health more than any other people.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

What does it mean to live long? The human body is designed to live-up to 120 years or more. Yet, tens of millions of people are dying young, and people living in the Western world are far from immune.

Cancer and infectious diseases such as AIDS and pneumonia are major killers. However, heart and circulatory diseases remain, number one. This is despite the use of the most advanced methods of lifesaving intervention known in the world. So, why is there still such a problem? Surely, it is diet related.

Wherever the typical American diet exists, there also exists a high incidence of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer as well as a wide range of other degenerative diseases. Poor diet creates illness. A lack of nutrients impairs the function of the human body. Poor nutrition disrupts immunity, impairs circulation, and disturbs hormonal balance, resulting in disorders ranging from heart disease and arthritis to cancer. Faulty dietary habits predispose the body to a wide range of degenerative diseases, which are descriptively called. diseases of civilization.

Poor diet is the primary cause of heart disease, stroke, heart attack, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis as well as numerous other "modern" diseases. The longer an individual is on a poor diet, the more rapidly such diseases will occur.

A nutritionally depleted diet affects the gene pool as well. if your ancestors had a poor diet-a diet rich in refined sugars, white flour, processed foods, and refined fats-your genes were/are negatively affected. Then you will be even more vulnerable than they were to the development of the diseases of civilization. Your children or future offspring are at a greater risk if you indulge in a poor diet. Eventually, the gene pool will become so depleted that civilization itself will be at risk for survival.

The question is, why have a heart attack or stroke or develop heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, or cancer if you can avoid it? Isn't it better to prevent these illnesses from happening? if you already have an illness, why not do something to attempt to cure it?

The proponents of modern medicine have led us to believe that there is no cure for the majority of diseases. Heart disease is a case in point. Most doctors claim the only thing that can be done is to "treat the symptoms." Or, they state that eventually the patient will succumb to a heart attack or stroke, and the only known and effective treatment is bypass surgery or medication. Regarding nutrition they claim, "Diet and nutritional supplements play a minor role, if any role at all." If you have heart disease, the same has probably been said to you.

The medical profession takes the same stance for a variety of other disorders. Those afflicted with arthritis, cancer, skin diseases, colitis, peptic ulcer, asthma, emphysema, lupus, and mental diseases are given a similar dictum:, "No cure exists except medications or surgery. Diet and nutrition play no significant role."

This fatalistic approach is highly destructive, and the harmful results are apparent in the appallingly high rate of degenerative disease afflicting Americans. Virtually every illness can be successfully treated through nutrition and dietary alterations. What may be even more important is the fact that the development of these diseases can be prevented by making specific. dietary changes and by taking herbal and Nutritional supplements.

Medical doctors occasionally dabble in prevention. In the case of heart disease some physicians stress the importance of exercise. Others insist that avoiding naturally occurring substances such as cholesterol, salt, and saturated fat is protective. With cancer, a diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables may be recommended. However, few physicians offer any hope for a cure.

At most, all of these measures are merely palliative. The real causes behind disease and its development are not being addressed.

Surgeons frequently offer the ability to cure. They claim that by removing the "diseased organ" they are providing a cure. Thus, an individual with an inflamed or stone-filled gallbladder is "cured" once the gallbladder is surgically removed. No mention is made to the patient that there are nonsurgical methods for curing gallstones or gallbladder disease. Nor is any mention made of the significant side .effects and illnesses which can occur after the gallbladder is removed. The gallbladder was put there for a reason. Removing it does compromise bodily functions.

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