Ancient Mysteries Trilogy of the Unknown

Trilogy of the Unknown

Trilogy of the Unknown
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Trilogy of the Unknown

Originally Published
in Three Books
Now in One Volume

Michael X
Timothy Green Beckley

Michael X was one of the greatest avatars of the early UFO/New Age movement of the 1950s. He spoke with great articulation and sincerity at many of the well attended outdoor conventions held annually at Giant Rock, a private landing strip just out of Joshua Tree in the hot Mohave Desert of Southern Calif. He spoke calmly and collectively about the arrival of the silvery spaceships, dubbed flying saucers, explaining how they were piloted by friendly space beings from this solar system and way beyond.



On a mission of peace and harmony, Michael hailed the arrival of the Space Brotherhood whom he believed were materializing here to offer assistance in any way possible to elevate our consciousness to a more harmonious one . Their goal? Allowing us to join the cosmic league of nations, a federation of spiritually advanced worlds who exist all around us in this and other dimensions, whether we believe it or not!

I guess you could call Michael X a guru of sorts, though he didn't head a religious cult nor was he looking to attract a fanatical following in the manner of other more self absorbent "masters" of universal wisdom. No! Michael X was an avatar in the true sense of the word - an advocate for all of humanity. So that he didn't become part of a cult of personality, Michael refused to reveal his last name but added the X after his first name as sort of a symbol that represented all of the mysteries of our world and the space and time we inhabit, even if we had not officially acknowledge the legitimacy of others hob knobbing among the stars.

Short in stature, but a giant in his thinking, little is know or has been written about Michael X's background. We do know his last name was Burton and he was a salesman before being engulfed with the UFO contactee movement. I did speak to him once but he never would reveal anything about his past, preferring to let his "accomplishments" speak for themselves.

If one owned a complete collection of Michael X's monographs, which I estimate number around 25 and were self published by his Futura Press from roughly 1956 through the late 60s or early 70s, one might be able to put together some incomplete biographical notes.

We know that Michael Barton was residing in Los Angeles when he found his life changed when his best friend Jim became very ill with a condition that baffled the best doctors. While meditating over his buddy's deteriorating condition, Michael found he was able to receive telepathic communications beamed to him from more advanced cosmic souls.

Not wanting to alienate his business clients, but desperate to get the information he had collected out to a growing number of adherents in UFO and New Age philosophy, he began to self-publish courses and monographs under the pseudonym of Michael X. His work was read and distributed widely as believers and skeptics alike instinctively took to what he had to say and recognized the importance of its content.

You see, Michael X didn't just write about lights in the sky --or about close encounters for that matter. No, Michael X got his information first hand via telepathy from his extraterrestrial "guides." And they taught him much; everything from health secrets to how their understanding of science, philosophy and religion, could possibly propel us forward into a New Age of reason and enlightenment.

170 pages - 8½ x 11 softcover

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