Beyond Reality Out of this World Two Golden Age of Flying Saucer Classics : Diane : She Came From Venus

Two Golden Age of Flying Saucer Classics : Diane : She Came From Venus

Two Golden Age of Flying Saucer Classics : Diane : She Came From Venus
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Author Name Dana Howard, Gloria Lee, Regan Lee, Timothy Green Beckley
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Two Golden Age
Flying Saucer Classics

Diane : She Came From Venus
Why We Are Here

Dana Howard
Gloria Lee
Regan Lee
Timothy Green Beckley

Even though the UFO contactee movement of this period is still considered to be highly controversial in nature, we do believe that reputed contacts between humans and off-world intelligence are an intricate part of the history of the UFO phenomenon. Regardless of a person's individual suspicions regarding the legitimacy of the subject matter, it can't be denied that the reports of close encounters, mainly coming forth from the western regions of the United States (circa 1950ish) resulted in the birth of the New Age movement as we for the most part recognize it today.



In essence, long before there was Shirley MacLaine, there lived Dana Howard and Gloria Lee, two star-studded ladies who set their sights high and traveled to the stars, either for real or in their ahead-of-their-time imaginations. As it turns out, one of these two women who involved herself in these ultra-terrestrial escapades seems to have attracted something incredibly beautiful and very extraordinary into her life, while the second individual's days ended tragically, either at her own hands due to her lack of responsibility, or because her alien contacts were not what they represented themselves to be.

Dana Howard's contacts may well have been angelic, "from the light," while those of Gloria Lee might best represent the demonic rustlings of a fallen angel. Indeed, some see the UFO phenomenon in terms of a heavenly battle between good and evil, taking place on Earth as well as in the sky, the forerunner of Armageddon for all of humankind.

In fact, it is Dana Howard who states early in this book: "The 'coming of the angels' has been shouted from every pulpit over the face of the globe. Who and what are these angels? Are they sprightly ethereal beings, winged like the birds and with a passion for harps? Or are they other-planetary teachers, clothed in celestial splendor - beings who have come unbidden to our beleaguered planet that they might better serve us, a lesser order of life?"

Dana was convinced that many alive today "will live to see it emblazoned across the morning skies commingled with the dazzling radiance of the sunrise. With trumpets and fanfare the New Age will be ushered in. When that wonderful moment arrives, those from ON HIGH will descend earthward. They will help to release all the human family to a new octave in living.

'And He shall send His angels with a great sound of the trumpet, and they shall gather together His elect from the four winds. . .'" (Matthew 24:31.)

Gloria Lee maintains that she was "trained" by the space visitors for a total of four years. She learned that they were invisible because they were "etheric" in nature and could not speak directly but only through telepathy because they had no vocal cords, not being flesh and blood like humans. Our favorite blogger Regan Lee (no relation to Gloria) tries to put the whole matter in the right perspective. Wherever your sentiments may rest, these two classic works from the Golden Age of Flying Saucers need to be preserved in an age that has lost a little bit of magic that can best be revived only by returning to the non-spoiled tone of a bygone era when space beings were, in spite of great frustration with our collective slowness to receive their message, attempting to guide us along the path to personal and universal salvation. Time alone will tell if they were in any way successful.

275 pages - 8½ x11; softcover

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