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Cure is in the Cupboard

Cure is in the Cupboard
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The Cure is in the Cupboard
Oregano for Better Health

by Dr. Cass Ingram

Oregano can help you regain your health and then keep you healthy. This is what saved Dr. Ingram's life. Learn how to use oregano and its essential oil for fighting infection and eliminating pain. Combat skin disorders, injuries, wounds, and dental problems. Particularly valuable for fungal infections.

Oregano is a medicine chest in a bottle.

You need to know how oregano can reverse numerous ailments, including:

  • allergies

  • arthritis

  • asthma

  • athlete's foot

  • back pain

  • bites

  • bronchitis

  • candidiasis

  • canker sores

  • colds

  • cold sores

  • colitis

  • congestion

  • diarrhea

  • ear aches

  • eczema

  • fatigue

  • flue

  • gastritis

  • gum disease

  • neuritis

  • prostatitis

  • psoriasis

  • ringworm

  • sinusitis

  • wounds

  • and dozens of others

You must know how oregano will:
-- Save you money on doctor or hospital bills.
-- Give you an insurance plan against everyday infections such as sore throats, colds, flu, ear aches, pneumonia, and bronchitis.
-- Reduce pain, risk of infection, expense--- and worry,, in case of sudden injury.
-- Protect you while traveling throughout the world from serious infection.
-- Keep your children safe from the ravages of infectious diseases.
-- Eradicate chronic pain from headaches, arthritis, muscle aches, or injury safely and effectively
-- Defend you from killer infections such as Lyme, Hepatitis, Flesh Eating Bacteria, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Viral Pneumonia, and E.coli.

Oregano is the answer.

Page 24:

Fungal Infection: the Band of Humanity

Fungal infection is a major cause of disease in the Western world. Recently, the important role of fungal organisms in the causation of illness has become evident, although for decades the medical profession has ignored their crucial roll.

A fungus is defined as a saprophyte, meaning it lives off of dead or dying tissue. Fungi, the plural of fungus, thrive wherever there is dead or decaying matter. Yet, fungi are common inhabitants of living beings, although they tend to proliferate when the organism is diseased. This "living off the dead: attribute of fungi explains why they commonly infect the skin. The skin is constantly shedding layers of dead cells, and these cells are an ideal medium for a fungal feast.

After defining these organisms it seems rather ominous that everyone has fungi living within their bodies. In fact, there are billions of them living within each of us. Researchers note that they may account for up to 3% of the normal microbe count within the body. To give you an idea of how many organisms this would amount to, there are a great number of microbes in the human body than there are actual cells, and there are some 70 trillion cells in each of our bodies. The microbes live on us everywhere; on the skin, in the mouth, along the intestines, and throughout the genitourinary tract. While it may be incorrect to state that we cannot live without them, there is no doubt that we have little choice but to live with them. We don't have to worry about killing them all, because under normal circumstances they do little or no harm. Yet, the objective is to live with the various microbes within us in a balance, a sort of peaceful coexistence, because, if they overpopulate, they can cause extensive disease, disability, and even death.
End Excerpt

Dr. Cass Ingram, physician and surgeon, is the author of over a dozen books, including "How to Eat Right and Live Longer", "Self-Test Nutrition Guide", and "The Cure is in the Cupboard". He is a popular TV/radio personality and has appeared on over 2,000 media interviews.

Softbound, 170 pages, 5 1/2x 8 1/2 inch

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