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In These Signs Conquer

In These Signs Conquer
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In These Signs

Revealing the secret signs
An Age has obscured

Ellis C. Taylor

The purpose of this book is to explore the ways and means that human beings have been persuaded to believe deceptions about who we are, what we are and where we came from. We are not the ne'er do wells we are continually told we are. Evil is not a natural human trait. We are blessed beings otherwise we would not have been chosen to be the guardians of Creation's most beautiful garden.


We have been conquered by a furtive un-manifested evil so malign, so charismatic and so intent upon the destruction of our planet and its inhabitants that we cannot believe such a thing exists. Only humans who are motivated by this thing I call the Darkness commit atrocities against other humans and nature. We are caring and loving creatures naturally endowed with everything this presence wants and cannot have. Today we stop being its playthings and its victims because from right now we are going to pull off its mask and see what hides behind the systems that control our lives and by the minute are destroying our world. This Day we become Conquerors.

Even though I have a strident trait to my writing as well as a humorous one (I hope) I do not mean my comments to be personal attacks. That said I reserve the right to point out iniquities and characteristics that I think, after consideration, are assaults on humanity, our world and our companions. I do not support authoritarianism in any shape and I say so. I mention certain of these corporations most especially the continuing Roman Empire, its aliases, its Church and its offshoots. I am equally unimpressed with other rigorously enforced systems considering them to be blights on our freedom to shine; and to be suppressors and negators of everyone's individual rights to express his or her talents; and to experience their own life freely and fully. I understand that this is the reason for our incarnations and as such see the above impositions as the enemy of humanity, this home environment and the myriad inhabitants we share this world with.

The purpose of this book is to explore and reveal the ways and means that humans have been cajoled into abandoning their blessed and unique purpose.

Excerpt 2:

Sit Down, Shut Up!
This is a Security Alert

Why is it so important to get everyone thinking the same homogenised and authorised thoughts? It is as if we are being barred at all costs from the mansions of our unconscious mind and the insights that these provide. Why are independent imaginative, original thinkers of our time ridiculed, side-lined or despised? Did the Inquisition really go away? Is it a security thing?

What makes people rally around asinine personalities spellbound by their every utterance yet duck away from people who point out the crocodile in their living room? Does it betray suppressed sensitivity and individuality? Could it be a conspicuous confirmation of sought after compliance? Is it a security thing?

Why are we being poisoned both surreptitiously and overtly, cloned, suppressed and spied upon? Why don't we look upwards and inwards? Is it a security thing?

Is life about being locked down and shut up? Where is the fun in that? Life isn't about being safe it is about negotiating our way through an infinite array of experiences. As someone once said, we are not supposed to saunter up to the pearly gates, unblemished and immaculately groomed. The point is to arrive breathless, ravaged and knackered exclaiming, "Wow! What a ride!"

Where have the scallywags gone?

Take your mind back to when you were a child. Who were the most popular kids in the school? The beetle browed worry guts and swots or the ones who always grabbed life by the scruff of the neck and came back with their tales of daring do often battered, bruised and smiling? Their childhood memories glisten like jewels and their exploits become the stuff of legends long after they've moved over. "Become as little children". Remember that? Do you think Jesus was referring to the scaredy-pants or the mischiefs and daredevils? Can you remember what it felt like to be a little kid? I can. I felt like my world was like a huge dream and I felt that I was really huge too. I looked like a little boy but I shone brighter than any star, like phosphorous and I was so big, a giant. My little grand-daughter said exactly the same words to me on her second birthday. "I'm big now, Granddad," she said, "Really 'oooGE!!" as she spread her little arms out as far as she could reach. I wept a little, and I laughed out loud because I could recall when I could see what she could, and be what she was. I can remember feeling as if I was in this vast transparent tube and I could easily touch the stars, everything around me glistened so brightly that it was like I was stardust. Rainbows flashed and fairies danced and everything seemed so perfect and pristine and wonderful and I was "Really 'oooUGE!!" too. As I write this, even though I have been through the grinding mills of many heartaches, I can see it all again...and the tears come again. What a truly blessed experience is this journey called life.

I wonder what today's generation of grown ups will be remembered for? Approving of evil by their silence and disinterest, their consent in all but name, I'd say. Children are braver than adults; they don't know about consequences, they learn about them. A kid will naturally investigate and explore its world and it goes for what it wants and one of its prime objectives is freedom. A child has the right to be wrong and that is the most precious gift of a free being, a scallywag. What has happened to the scallywags? Where have they gone?

310+ pages - 8.5 x 6.5 inches SoftCover
With Color Illustrations


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