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Secret Armies: The New Technique of Nazi Warfare

Secret Armies: The New Technique of Nazi Warfare
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Secret Armies

The New Technique of
Nazi Warfare
John L. Spivak

SECRET ARMIES climaxes Spivak's exposures. His sensational inside story of Hitler's far-flung, under-cover poison campaign in the Americas would seem scarcely credible, were it not so thoroughly documented with original letters and records, citing chapter and verse, naming names, dates and places. His unanswerable, uncontradicted facts should go far toward jolting many of us out of our false sense of security.

John L. Spivak comes closer to the popular conception of the ace journalist than any other living writer. Combining the instinct of a detective with the resourcefulness of a reporter, and gifted with a hard-hitting, breezy style, he has time and again "scooped the world," "gotten the story"-despite powerful opposition and personal danger that might well have daunted less hardy souls.

But there is an important difference that sets Spivak apart from most other gentlemen of the press. For several years he has devoted his bright and sharp pen solely to uncovering evidence of fascist activities in the United States-evidence that is credited with having set off several official investigations exposing un-American, foreign-dominated propaganda.

Preface Excerpt:

The material in this small volume just barely scratches the surface of a problem which is becoming increasingly grave: the activities of Nazi agents in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. During the past five years I have observed some of them, watching the original, crudely organized and directed propaganda machine develop, grow and leave an influence far wider than most people seem to realize. What at first appeared to be merely a distasteful attempt by Nazi Government officials at direct interference in the affairs of the American people and their Government, has now assumed the more sinister aspect of also seeking American naval and military secrets.

Further studies in Central America, Mexico and the Panama Canal Zone disclosed an espionage network directed by the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis and operating against the peace and security of the United States. A scrutiny of the Nazi Fifth Column in a few European countries, especially in Czechoslovakia just before that Republic was turned over to Germany's mercy by the Munich "peace" and in France where Nazi and Italian agents built an amazing secret underground army, has made the fascist activities in the Western Hemisphere somewhat clearer to me.

End Excerpt

From TGS Publishing:

Many truthseekers and WW-2 history buffs have read the books that condemned the Jews for complicity in world affairs, even complicit with Hitler and the holocaust. Henry Ford was a leading business figure that 'exposed' the so-called Jewish connections to the powers controlling banking, media, and the war machine.

This particular book is rare, due to the author exposing connections to the Nazi Party and Hitler within the USA during the years immediately preceeding WW-2. He attacks the anti-Semitism views in the US as vile and Nazi oriented.

Whether you or I agree with him or not, it proves that McCarthyism type tactics were prevalent during this time prior to WW-2. The facts this author provides, in delivering his opinions, are little known facts to conspiracy and history buffs.

If you have read some of Henry Ford's books and then read this one, you can see just how relevant these attitudes were in hindsight. More importantly you can see the same forces, some with the same names, some with different names, at work in America and the world today.

Finger pointing, race-nation bashing, war-mongering, are all results of ignorant McCarthy-like tactics. Accuse and never prove. It is hate-mongering.

This author brings out little known facts, such as the Nazi ties within the Republican Party, even though most of us know the Bush family was involved, few knew the Party was involved too.

Will the US ever learn its lessons? Will the people in the USA keep joining in with these controllers or stop them cold this time?


I Czechoslovakia-Before The Carving
II England's Cliveden Set
III France's Secret Fascist Army
IV Dynamite Under Mexico
V Surrounding the Panama Canal
VI Secret Agents Arrive in America
VII Nazi Spies and American "Patriots"
VIII Henry Ford and Secret Nazi Activities
IX Nazi Agents in American Universities
X Underground Armies in America
XI The Dies Committee Suppresses Evidence

Softcover, 8¼" x 10¾", 160+ pages
Perfect-Bound - Large Print Edition - Illustrated, Footnoted

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