Ancient Mysteries Hitler's Secret Backers

Hitler's Secret Backers

Hitler's Secret Backers
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Hitler's Secret Backers

by Sidney Warburg

From the publisher:

The newspaper clipping that appears below appeared in many major papers throughout the U.S. and was received aby all major TV networks. None of the TV networks carried the story to the best of our knowledge. The last line of the UPI press release says the manuscript would be republished December 1 of 1982. On January 4, 1983, we received word that the publisher had 'changed his mind' and would not reprint the document. No reason was given. So, in the last 50 years this book has been suppressed twice. What forces caused this remain unknown, but if they are that powerful, we have every reason to believe that we'll be hearing from them at a future date. Massive distribution of this historic report is all that will save it from today's "book burners." We should also like to point out that the manuscript you are about to read has not been touched by us. All the errors in spelling, punctuation, etc., are just the same as we received them. All emphasis was also in the original copy. Nothing has been altered by Research Publications.

The book you are about to read is one of the most extraordinary historical documents of the 20th century.

Where did Hitler get the funds and the backing to achieve power in 1933 Germany? Did these funds come only from prominent German bankers and industrialists or did funds also come from the American bankers and industrialists?

Prominent Nazi Franz von Papen wrote in his MEMOIRS,(EP Dutton, Inc. 1953, p.229) "...the most documented account of the National Socialists' sudden acquisition of funds was contained in a book published in Holland in 1933 by the old established publishing house of Van Hilkema & Warendorf, ... under the name 'Sidney Warburg.'

The book cited by von Papen is the one you are about to read and was indeed published in 1933 in Holland, but remained on the book stalls only a few days. The book was purged. Every copy -- except three accidental survivors -- was taken our of the bookstores and off the shelves. The book and its story were silenced ----- almost.

One of the three surviving copies found its way to England, translated into English and deposited in the British Museum. This copy and translation were later withdrawn from circulation, and are presently 'unavailable.'

We know now that the German combine I.G. Farben was a financier of Hitler, and Paul Warburg was a director of American I.G. Farben. Further, Max Warburg was a director of the German I.G. Farben. Max Warburg aslo signed the document appointing Hjalmar Schaht to the Reichbank -- and Hitler's signature appears alongside that of Max Warburg.

Yet the Warburg family denied any link to Hitler....

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 160 pages, Paperback - perfect bound

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