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From the 40's
Germany's Plans for the Americas!

The ticker tapes and headlines could possibly have been similar to the ticker above and the headline below if 'luck' had gone the other way!

The United States Surrenders to the Axis Powers!
Eisenhower held in military custody by the SS.
President Truman under military house arrest!
July 4, 1946

Ever stop to think how it would be if Germany won World War II?

Germany's Nazi Third Reich did have plans to takeover the Americas!

How did they plan to accomplish it? What strategies did Hitler and his strategists have planned?

What if Germany really won the war! and we have been lead, like sheep, into believing something else?

The Hitler Files

The Planned Takeover of the
United States of America
Germany's Third Reich
and Adolf Hitler

as discovered in documents obtained through U.S. espionage sources and translated into English by Clark Foreman and Joan Raushenbush

The manuscripts were discovered in an old Texas library, in 1995, by a citizen of the Choctaw Indian Nation. They were scanned into a computer and reprinted so all citizens can read these once obscure (basically lost) writings. All errors of grammar, spellings, archaic words, psuedo-words and typing have been left exactly as the original. The library copy of this manuscript appeared hand-bound and were typewritten manuscripts on odd sized paper. Several pages from the front of the original manuscript were missing, There was no copyright, no date, and no publisher listed in the work.

The first page of this copy is actually entering into text which was obviously already presenting arguments to Hitler about the need to takeover control of the U.S.A.

The parallels between what is happening in our country today and the plans of Germany's Third Reich to takeover the America's is uncanny and sometimes frightening.

This manuscript was written around 1940. The authors state that this was a collection of German statements, actions and policies based on a study of the strategy and techniques Germany was planning against the Americas and already using successfully in Europe. These strategies were well-known to Nazi-German students of politics and military techniques.

This manuscript was written to make public - Nazi-Germany's aims, methods, and designs towards the United States and the South American continent. It is interesting to note how little Nazi-Germany thought of the United States and the entire western hemishpere.

Germany's ambitions were seeking one world government and dominance. The strategies presented in this 1940 document are virtually the same we see happening in America today.

Notes by WebMaster - March 1999 - Laurence Savage.

126 pages of translated Nazi documents,
5x8 inch - perfect bind book edition

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