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Harmonic Conquest Of Space

Harmonic Conquest Of Space
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The Harmonic Conquest Of Space

by Bruce Cathie

Cathie is a leading proponent of the supertechnology available to man via the Energy Grid of Light that exists on Earth. Chapters in The Harmonic Conquest of Space include:

  • Mathematics of the World Grid.

  • The Harmonics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Harmonic Transmission and Receiving.

  • The Link Between Human Brain Waves.

  • The Ionosphere and Gravity.

  • Edgar Cayce: The Harmonics of the Subconscious.

  • Stonehenge: The Harmonics of the Moon.

  • The Pyramids of Mars.

  • and much, much more.

Also included are tables showing the harmonic relations between Earth's magnetic field, the speed of light and antigravity/gravity acceleration at different points on Earth's surface.


Page 52:
I believe that magnetic monopoles exist and that the creation of matter is dependent on the coupling of the monopoles into individual units. I can visualize streams of monopoles, both of positive and negative charge according to their spin , passing through each other and pairing off to form physical particles. The process would be much the same as the closing of a zipper.

Page 97:

More Harmonics of Stonehenge

In my last book, The Bridge to Infinity, I asked the question, "Who built Stonehenge and why did they build it?" What is the true purpose of this geometric pattern of gigantic stones, said to be at least thirty-five centuries old, standing like ghostly sentinels on the Salisbury Plain in the southern part of England? As the centuries have gone by, many different investigators have tried their luck at deciphering the mystery of the complex, and to date I consider that none of them have come close to the truth. So far the reasons given for the construction are far too mundane to explain the immense effort and meticulous planning necessary to erect the stones with such precision.

In my second book, Harmonic 695, I suggested the probability that Stonehenge could have been designed as a gigantic crystal set - a massive geometric device constructed in ancient times to serve as a transmitter and receiver of signals from the heavens. This conclusion was reached because many of the known measurements were very close to those found in my own research. Also, a peculiar fogging effect was evident on many photographs taken of the stones, which indicated that some sort of radiation was emanating from them.

I spent many months carrying out a calculator analysis of the geometric pattern according to the harmonic mathematical values I had discovered up to that time. I believe that this demonstrated without much doubt that the stone complex was constructed to the unified harmonics associated with the equations discovered in my research.

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 208 pages

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