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A Biblical Excursion into the
Theoretical Origin and Purposes
of Extraterrestrials

D.W. Dahman

There is one theory that warrants great consideration. There are those who contend that UFO's are nothing more than our own military implementing top-secret aircraft, many years ahead of the scope and level of present-era technologies. Such super-advanced technology is painstakingly kept from the knowledge of the masses at large. The myth of UFO's is cleverly constructed by the secret sector of the military/industrial-corporation complex to keep the populations of the planet deceived as to the real nature and origin of these contraptions, and its related phenomenon. I think many encounters of UFO's can be successfully lumped into this category to be absolutely sure. But, it doesn't just stop here...


Cydonia of Mars , as well as similar places on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos, could have been a meeting place of the various ranks and file of the kingdoms of the Elohim and Mankind. However, it is also possible that Cydonia was a Martian "city", geometrically constructed by the Nephilim, the offspring of the Alien Elohim and Mankind, for insidious purposes (---but much more on that in a later discourse). In order for all intelligent beings to have been of one mind and one manifest spiritual being, it was necessary for them to collectively communicate on a singular level. Now, each kind of Elohim fosters movement of being and consciousness at a specific rate of cyclical movement and hyperspace/time unique to their species and respective hierarchical kingdom.

This is what is meant by their hyperdimensional domain, or "measure of rule". No two kingdoms of Elohim are the same. In fact, cosmic powers, thrones, lords, rulers and various heavenly authorities and principalities all play an individual and integral part of the varied function of the universe, as it pertains to the divine, hyperdimensional scheme of things, especially in the world of the Elohim. Their consciousness oscillates at a very wide and accelerated rate of cyclical movement and hyperspace/time, a scope of being very different from Mankind. Indeed, as many as there are different classifications of Elohimic kingdoms, there are differing rates of vibratory energetics consciousness oscillation. No two separate kingdoms of Elohim share the same continuum of hyperspace/time.

Let me simplify. I am head of my household. I have 1 dog, 3 cats, and 57 chickens. I can look at my animals and communicate via commands, calls, or food perhaps. Sometimes just a look will do, in the case of my dog and cats. We share a common consciousness of sorts. We can relate well to each other. We have our place in the world. I am the boss. They do as I say, sometimes. (It is a bit more difficult with my chickens. Sincerely, they do belong on a dinner plate in some form or fashion, as they are especially suited for that; bottom of the food chain I guess.) The point is this: In a specific Elohimic kingdom, there may be a head entity, or entities, and various rank and file classes and orders of angelic underlings, all of which relate with each other according to their specific genre and function within their singular hyperdimensional domain, just like me, my dog, 3 cats, and 57 chickens on the farm. Farmer Brown on the other hand, has 19 sheep, 38 ducks, and 4 pigs on his farm across the field. They are subject to his dominion, not mine.

So, one kingdom of Elohim cannot legitimately manifest in another kingdom of Elohim's ordained hyperspace/time domain with out express permission from King Jehovah. To do so would be tantamount to committing the high treasonous crime of Cosmic Rebellion.

It is interesting to note that in ancient days gone by, whenever an angelic entity anthropomorphically manifested into the realm of Mankind, there had to be a period of separation and non physical contact between the Alien Elohim and Mankind, due to the absolute necessity of energy dissipation on the part of the Alien Elohim emerging from the more expansive and accelerated consciousness oscillation energy realms of their specific hyperspace/time domain, to the lesser, more limited, Adamic measure of 3-D spherical rule.

The Alien Elohim had to first "power down" their being so-to-speak. Once the rebellious Alien Elohim assumed full, compatible anthropomorphic form in the realm of Mankind, they became subject to all of the laws governing the life limitations of the Adamic creatures. Death and entropy ruled in the abode of Mankind as a result of Adamic sin, and so, the Alien Elohim became subject to the same in their new physical bodies by coming here in direct violation of the decree of King Jehovah (2 Peter 2: 4).

The children they fostered with Adamic women, the Nephilim, were exceedingly powerful and intelligent, but still mortal nonetheless. Once the parent Alien Elohim experienced death themselves, their cursed spirits were hastened to pits of spiritual darkness to be held in imprisoned chains, no longer able to enter in and out of the three dimensional realm, unless freed by someone (Jude 6).

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