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Action Attraction Integration

Action Attraction Integration
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Action Attraction Integration
Using Numbers to Empower Your Life
by Christopher Power

In Action Attraction Integration, you will find described a new system of working with numbers, which is revolutionary, accurate and specific. The method is profound, easy and practical.

It can help you to:

  • Become aware of how you act and attract

  • Create better relationships

  • Assess a child's specific needs

  • Take your performance in business and sport to new levels

There has never been a book like this before and Christopher Power's method is the result of over 30 years of research into the mystery of numbers and their impact on our daily lives.

The information can be used by professional people to easily understand and relate to their clients. This is not just the same old theories rehashed. It is all original information presented for today's world. This is the numerology of the future.

You can discover new dimensions of your power and strength and create your future with integrity.

"This is the first original idea I have seen in Numerology in 35 years"- David Phillips - author "Discovering the Inner Self"

"I have found in Christopher's unique form of Numerology a practical tool that can provide unique information and assistance for everyone. It is a readily accessible and easily comprehensible counselling tool."- M. H. Brisbane, Queensland Australia"

Wow! I was blown away with your accuracy and information. You have an incredible gift."- J. S. Noosa, Queensland Australia

About The Author:
Christopher Power is a graduate of Melbourne University and has worked as a research assistant, a geologist and in sales and marketing.

He has taught Maths and Science and worked in the public service before becoming a consultant in Numerology and Astrology. Christopher has explored the beauty of numbers for 30 years and he is well credentialed to pen this extraordinary and powerful book.

Prem Rawat, Lazaris, surfing, crystals, astrology and whales inspire him. At the time of writing this book, he lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.


Page 151

Chapter 9: Activating your Energy Physically

We will examine how each of the numbers relates to the physical body and physical activities in terms of health and energy. This includes suggestions to fine-tune your physical body and activities by working with the information described by your numbers.

The Physical Body and the Action Numbers

You can use the action numbers from the Birth Date or the Name as long as you are clear about whether you are describing where your power or your strength are concentrated and in excess in you physical body.

The action or plus (+) numbers describe the areas of your body with an excess or a concentration of energy. The action number at best describes where your energy or potential is concentrated and at worst where it is blocked or trapped.

Active (Power or Strength) Number 1. You generate a lot of energy in the head and the neurons of the brain. This energy can be regulated by the diaphragm and relaxed breathing.

Active Number 2. You generate a lot of energy in the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Your peripheral nervous system tends to be highly sensitized and your other internal or unseen senses are highly sensitive and open to stimulation.

End excerpt.

Softbound, 6x9, 240 pages

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