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Radiant Healing

Radiant Healing
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Author Name Isabell Bellamy & Donald MacLean


Radiant Healing

By Isabel Bellamy & Donald MacLean

Radiant Healing is a fascinating and accessible treasure-trove of information about how our bodies and our world actually work, Richly packed with illustrations and easy-to-follow advice this timely book covers every aspect of the subtle energies of Man. It is not only a vital resource for the student of vibrational healing or the practitioner of complementary therapies, but a wake-up call for us all.

Knowledge of our electromagnetic spiritual/physical reality -- our 'body, mind and spirit' -- is traced to the ageless wisdom which has existed since prehistoric times. Detailed diagrams explain how our etheric, astral and mental bodies channel cosmic and earth energies through our meridians and chakras. The history of healing is told, from the ancient use of herbs, to the development of homeopathy, radionics, vibrational healing, and healing at a distance.

But this is predominantly a practical book. Isabel Bellamy, herself an accomplished dowser, believed that 80 percent of us could learn to use a pendulum, and that we could use our intuition to discover what might be wrong in our body, its energy fields, or its environment. She teaches us how to discover and use healing remedies which will correct these imbalances. Charts for every purpose are included.

The various systems of the body are discussed, along with the diseases that afflict them and the recommended treatments. For the lay reader, or the serious student of energetic healing, this book is bursting with valuable information on healing diets, correct breathing and posture, environmental hazards and much more. An A to Z of resources provides details on subjects from acupuncture to zone therapy, from copper coils to magnetotherapy and meditation. There are many useful references in the text to books and websites where further information can be found, and a large index makes the 576 page book easy to manage.

Softcover, 6" x 9", 570+ pages
Imported from Australia


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