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Man Who Turned Against the World, The - Forbidden Knowledge Series

Man Who Turned Against the World, The - Forbidden Knowledge Series
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The Man Who
Turned Against the World

Forbidden Knowledge Series

In the beginning, more exactly... in 1943, Albert Hofmann, a Swiss bio-chemist working at the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Basel, discovered -- by accident, of course; one does not deliberately create such a situation -- a new drug which had some very remarkable effects on the human consciousness. The name of this drug was d-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Tartrate-25, a semi-synthetic compound, the Iysergic acid portion of which is a natural product of the ergot fungus Claviceps purpurea, which grows on rye and other grains. Its most striking pharmacological characteristic is its extreme potency -- it is effective at doses of as little as ten-millionths of a gram, which makes it 5000 times more potent than mescaline.

It was during the synthesis of d-LSD-25 that chance intervened when Dr. Hofmann inhaled some of the whitishbrown powder and discovered that it produced some strange effects on his mind... 'Objects, as well as the shape of my associates in the laboratory, appeared to undergo optical change... fantastic pictures of extraordinary plasticity and intensive colour seemed to surge towards me.'

1960 New York City, seventeen years later . . . a small package from Switzerland arrived in my mail one morning containing one gram of Dr. Hofmann's acid, which I had arranged to be sent to me. There was also a bill for $285. I had first heard of LSD from Aldous Huxley, when I had telephoned him at his home in Los Angeles to inquire about obtaining some mescaline, which he had recently been using. His information also included the name of Dr. Albert Hofmann and a caution, subsequently unheeded, to take great care if ever I should take any of the stuff: 'It is much more potent than mescaline, though Gerald (Heard) and I have used it with some quite astonishing results really.'

There had been no difficulty obtaining even one gram of LSD -- I simply asked an English doctor friend of mine to write the order on a sheet of New York hospital letterhead saying that I needed this ergot-derivative as a 'control ' drug for a series of bone-marrow experiments.

Eagerly I unwrapped the package. The acid was in a small dark jar marked 'Lot Number H-00047', and in appearance looked a bit like malted milk powder. My problem was how to convert the loose powder into a more manageable form. One gram would make 5000 individual doses and I was obviously going to need to measure it out in some way. I decided to randomise it by mixing it into a stiff paste made from icing sugar.

I cleared the kitchen table and set to work. First I poured some distilled water into a bowl, and then mixed in the LSD. When all the acid had dissolved I added confectioner's sugar until the mixture was a thick paste. I then transferred my 'divine confection', spoon by laborious spoon, into a sixteen-ounce mayonnaise jar, and, by what magical alchemic process, the stuff measured exactly 5000 spoonfuls! In other words, one teaspoon of the stuff ought to contain 200 gamma (millionths of a gram), which would be sufficient for an eight- to ten-hour session, and a pretty intense one at that.

CONTENTS. Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil.


Chapter 1-A Lovin' Spoonful.

Chapter 2-The Harvard Happenings.

Chapter 3-Leary Flies His Jolly Roger.

Chapter 4-The Exile's Re-Return.

Chapter 5-The Millbrook Happenings.

Chapter 6-London On My Mind.

Chapter 7-The New Heresy.

Chapter 8-Where The Wild Things Are.

Chapter 9-A Gram Is Worth More Than A Damn.

Chapter 10-The Capital Of Kingdom Come.

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 310+ pages

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