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Kind of Magic

Kind of Magic
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Author Name Laurence Savage, Viktor Rydberg, Lynn Thorndike, Jonathan Wright, Emory B. Lease, Campbell Bonner, Eugene Tavenner, Kate Watson Tibbels, T. Witton Davies, C. Levias, Stansbury Hagar, Phillips Barry, H, W. Herrington, Crawford H. Toy, Enno Littman, Virgina
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A Kind of Magic

Laurence Savage, Viktor Rydberg, Lynn Thorndike, Jonathan Wright, Emory B. Lease, Campbell Bonner, Eugene Tavenner, Kate Watson Tibbels, T. Witton Davies, C. Levias, Stansbury Hagar, Phillips Barry, H, W. Herrington, Crawford H. Toy, Enno Littman, Virgina Saunders, Elsie Clews Parsons, A. L. Kroeber, Lyn Harold Hough, E. Washburn Hopkins, Frederick E. Crane, Moise Schwab, George Frederick Kunz, James Thompson Shotwell, James H. Leuba, Morris Jastrow, Jr., O. T. Mason, Josiah Henry Combs, Harry Kellar, W. B. Drayton Henderson, Lawrence Gilman, H. Loomis, Max Dessoir, Christianus Pazig, Herman Pinetti, M. J. H. Heucher, M. Berton, R. H. Griffith, C. C. McCown, Rosa Wilson, Louis Untermeyer, Chevalier A. Hermann, M. Schele De Vere, Ernst Reiss, Campbell Bonner, William K. Prentice, James A. Montgomery, E. Nulty, Emeroy McClintock, A. B. Nelson, F. Anderegg, G. B. M. Zerr, Theodore L. DeLand, V. M. Spunar, B. L. Remick, S. A. Cory, Hermann Schubert, Paul Carus, W. S. Andrews, C. A. Browne, D. F. Savage, John Worthington, H. M. Kingery, Herbert Chatley, Frederic A. Woodruff, Paul Carus, L. S. Frierson , Charles D. Shuldham, C. Planck, Harry A. Sayles, Henry P. McLaughlin

The term magic can mean different things to different people. In fact, it is a catch-all word used to define things that are indefinable, supernatural, and/or mystical. This collection of articles covers topics from religious magic, natural magic, math magic, mental magic, black magic, white magic, to parlor room magic tricks. Each one is 'A Kind of Magic.'



Volume One

» A Kind of Magic
» Magic of the Middle Ages
» Medieval Conceptions of Magic
» White Man's Magic
» Number 3 Mysterious & Magic
» Dionysiac Magic
» Three as a Magic Number
» Pliny and Magic
» Magic in the Romance of Palerne
» Magic Among the Semites
» Ancient Jewish Magic
» Micmac Magic
» Magic Boat
» Magic in Elizabethan Drama
» Magic and Religion
» Magic Book of the Disciples
» Magic in Katilya's Arthasastra
» Origin of Magic
» Inheritance by Magic
» Increase by Magic
» Heredity without Magic
» Magic of Words
» Magic in the Hindu Epic
» Magic of the Private Seal
» Corrcitive Magic
» Magic Inscriptions
» Zuni Inoculative Magic
» Madstones and Magic
» Role of Magic
» Religion and Magic

Volume Two

» King's Babylonian Magic
» Synechdochical Magic
» Sympathetic Magic
» High Caste Indian Magic
» Magic Among the Red Men
» Alien Magic
» Mr. Chesterton's Magic
» Magic or Miracle?
» The Magic Mirror
» Origen & Augustine on Magic
» Magic Incantations
» Mechanical Magic
» Magic Plants
» Magic Mirrors
» Magic Balm
» Demonology and Magic
» The Magic Tray
» The Tradition of Magic
» The Art of Magic
» Modern Magic.
» The Magical Papyri
» Papyrus of Magical Powers
» Magical Formulas On Lintels In Christian Period
» Magical Bowl

Volume Three

» Magic Cyclovolute
» Forms of the Magic Cyclovolute
» Perfect Magic Squares
» Rules for Magic Squares
» A Perfect Magic Square
» Magic Squares for 1908
» Magic Squares for 1909
» Magic Squares for 1914
» Note on Magic Squares for 1914
» Magic Squares for 1918
» The Magic Square
» Magic Squares
» Reflections on Magic Squares
» Magic Cubes
» Magic Squares and Pythagorean Numbers
» Mathematical Study of Magic Squares
» Magic Cube of Six
» Magic Squares of Odd Degrees
» Overlapping Magic Squares
» Oddly-Even Magic Squares
» Notes on Oddly-Even Magic Squares
» Magic Cube of Six
» Magic Cube on Six
» Magic in the 4th Dimension
» Magic Squares and Rectangle
» Magic Circles and Spheres
» On the Magic Circle
» Pandiagonal and Associated Magic Squares
» 4-Ply Pandiagonal Associated Magic Squares
» Serrated Magic Squares
» Magic Squares by Reversion
» Construction of Magic Squares 4p+2
» Construction of Magic Squares Form 8p+2
» Geometric Magic Squares and Cubes
» Magic Squares with Prime Numbers
» Associated Prime Number Magic Squares
» Pandiagonal Prime Number Magic Squares
» Paneled Magic Squares
» Magic Stars
» Even Order Magic Squares with Prime Numbers
» Ornate Magic Squares
» Ornate Magic Squares of Composite Odd Orders
» Pandiagonal-Concentric Magic Squares
» Construction of Magic Squares and Cubes with Prime Numbers
» Algebraic Magic Squares



One of my favorite types of magic falls under mental magic. Nothing is more magical than hearing the song 'Lady Madonna' and instantly being back in the 1970s or hearing John Lennon singing 'Give Peace a Chance' and instantly remembering the fight of my generation against the war in Vietnam and the US Holocaust at Kent State. What can be more magical than hearing a song from Loverboy, Air Supply, or Journey and suddenly I am in a memory from the 1980s, or hearing Queen and time traveling back to a place and time that a particular song takes me back to.

What is the magic in music that can trigger a response from the brain, connecting neural pathways, and sending the mind into instant memories?

A man I know has built what I would call a magic chair. We even offer it for sale on our website. It's not cheap, but I have experienced this chair more than once. It utilizes the magic of music, not only to your auditory senses, but to your sense of touch and feeling too. It takes those magical vibrations and sends them to the brain through, not only the ears, but the body itself. This magic chair is so relaxing that people have safely hallucinated without drugs, or astral traveled to places they've never been.

I'm sure there are physics, science, math, biology, and more to explain these phenomena, but for me, who cares!. Why ruin the magical experience? It just means that we can scientifically explain what triggers a magical experience.

The magic of math is still studied by scientists. The magic of No. 9, and how those nines add, multiply, divide and result in another combination of 9 will always be magic. Just writing this paragraph triggered the memory of the Beatles White Album song: No. 9. The laws (or magic) of mathematical probabilities is fascinating, and that magic fuels the state of Nevada and lotto games throughout the country.

Is it not magic for a man to father a son, and that son continually remind the dad of his own youth? Is it not magic for that same father to love his son's son, as his own?

Magic should not be discounted or brushed aside due to the magician charlatans, or phony, hypocrite, conman, preachers of their own perverted gospels.

You were given this magic when you were born, and the rest of your life people try to destroy your magic, or use it against you. Sure serotonin, neural pathways, and other biological, electrical, and chemical functions cause this magic... but it's still magic.


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