Pineal Power

Pineal Power
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Pineal Power

Workbook designed to Compliment
Workshops, Videos, and the Book
" Your Third Eye "

By Dr. Frank Jeffries

The conscious parameters which you choose to set in your mind as the doctor becomes subconscious in the patient's body. Then the attuned wisdom of the subconscious of the patient's body clearly directs the course of health care--- answering in detail and specifically any health question the doctor has.


If one really stops and thinks about it, "muscle testing" is surely nothing new. The ancients in Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and probably Native American healers among others, likely have used this means of acquiring information for centuries. Chinese energy medicine involving acupuncture and herbal remedies surely have a plethora of knowledge and wisdom on this topic. Dowsers use energy for analysis. In the chiropractic profession, here in the states, its great pioneers such as Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Dick Versendaal have found a niche to promote this valuable art.

A man named Dr. David Hawkins M.D. has surely taken the art form to another level all together in the last thirty years.

The practical application in clinical practice is indeed what has excited me. It has become a tool, a "window" if you will to find health problems. In the recent advent of financial closed-minded medicine, medical testing and procedures it has for me, become a low cost, quick and effective tool for health information. High medical and test costs combined with questionable insurance HMO and PPO practices urge todays chiropractors and other health practitioners to look into this now more than ever.

"Pineal Power" is a prioritizing System to be used as a martial artist would use his techniques. It is a basic starting point for the health practitioner to begin to incorporate muscle testing into healthcare practice. For those of you who are not chiropractors, the testing in the spinal section should be a place for referral to a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic.

Paramount to this technique of testing, the body I believe is its simplicity. I have made a deliberate attempt in its creation to follow the wise words of the Zen martial artist, Bruce Lee, who said, "The height of cultivation runs to ornamentation." Let me limit the ornamentation!You have to "believe" the universe will give you clear wisdom when testing. For detailed philosophy into the "inner game of a muscle tester" you can see chapter 4 of my book, "Your Third Eye."

My utmost thanks to all those who have helped me in developing this method which covers nearly all major spine, feet and organ deficits that can occur in your office!

My thanks to my higher power which I believe has guided me to placing this workbook into your hands and remember, it's only a method with a name. When you become a pineal master, throw this out and develop your own. I cannot give you that!

Dr. Frank Jeffries

This workbook includes a Compact Disk in the VCD format of Dr. Jeffries speaking and teaching these valuable techniques. While it is not a substitute for his teaching seminars which are usually greater than 8 hours long, this CD does introduce the remarkable concepts in their simplicity for the practitioner or lay person. Approximately 40 minutes long. The CD was been successfully tested and runs on the latest versions of Windows Media Player, the DivX Player and Real Player. In addition many DVD players that are compatible with the VCD format will play the CD too.

The workbook available in regular book format or in a Comb-Bound style is filled with more than a hundred pictures showing the actual process and techniques used and tested by Dr. Jeffries and explained in his book 'Your Third Eye'.


Softcover, 8" x 11", 196+ pages


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