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Your Third Eye : Dawn of the Aquamarine Healer

Your Third Eye : Dawn of the Aquamarine Healer
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Your Third Eye
Dawn of the Aquamarine Healer


Dr. Frank Jeffries reveals his success at 'opening the third eye.' Learn, inside this book, the importance of colors, especially aquamarine, and how colors can affect your life and healing. Dr. Jeffries, a chiropractor, has experienced and explored the relationships and effects of the kundalini and the third eye, on healing. The book is written for healing practitioners, doctors, patients, and anyone wanting to understand or open the third eye into the soul, the Spiritual Illumination via the Kundalini Activation.

This book is unique from other books.

Dr. Jeffries gives you the problems, the answers, and the 'way' to even more answers. He gives the the 'road map' against dire problems we face today. A doctor has never done this before. The gist of the material is a powerful spiritual solution and is clinically proven in Dr. Jeffries' own clinical practice.

Dr. Jeffries exposes a conspiracy that mainstream medical profiteering corporations have perpetrated against your health. This conspiracy, by ignorance or design, costs us our health and wealth.

This is the Healing Manual Blockbuster of all Blockbusters. The timing is Mind Blowing as we reach an intense climax in the Dawning of the Aquarian Age. Breathe deeply when you read the book. This edition includes Dr. Jeffries' popular booklet, The Magic of a Heel Lift.


If the subconscious is the source of true power, which I think it is; then, we better pay attention to it. By true power I mean true wisdom, fitness, the fitting-ness, the action to take now which has a connection to you personally. The action that has feelers out for you, that is somehow beyond time in that it encompasses the past, the future, and most importantly; the NOW. The now is really it, what is relevant, but the wisdom of the subconscious bursts through to your now with a fix on what has been and what will be. Basically, it tells you the perfect thing to do--- if you are listening at all. To me this makes the subconscious something perfectly magical and mystical, and at the same time grounded and practical. This is what I have been looking for and it has taken me some time to discover this place. A conscious awareness of this beautiful thing makes it all so powerful, much more of a practical tool towards manifesting love and wealth and contentment than before when we foundered randomly hitting a nice note here or there.

Simply put, the answers are there for you. But you must have ONE passion. I do think there are many gods out there we can worship---drugs, material possessions, control, money, physical sex, strange gods, organizations, gurus, systems, or other people. Somehow, the thing is, (and life will always be telling us this), that we are left feeling incomplete somehow when these outer things are the focus of our daily attention. Yet, most people never go beyond these things, not many people ever get out--you have to want more to get out, and be willing to act and work at it.

At any point in time there are tough decisions to make. Severe errors can be made if the analytical, conscious mind- (that part of our minds we were trained to worship and value in school) makes the decision independent of the wisdom of the beautiful subconscious. And you will pay with part of your life, but you will get another lesson somehow. Remember, in the subconscious lies the answer. Here is the truth of what must be done. Fear, guilt, judgment, and anger are some of the biggies that block the action of the subconscious which has to come out, eventually for you to find the fulfillment your heart wishes. The motion of the spirit cannot then take place, your music is never played, you live a half-life in a bit of a box. The genius of you never finds its way out. There is a way out. Each little step leads to a closer arrival of basically just a balanced life. Not a big request, but few arrive.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

This is a manual for those seeking resolution of major life problems. Let's state it here in the beginning so that it is clear. It could be said that the most powerful solution to anything is a person's inner spirituality and conviction. Prisoners of war have proved this. Mahatma Gandhi it appears discovered this. I satisfactorily discovered this for myself and want to share this with you. It's the mountain within a man or woman. Please remember one thing that will do you well forever. Just because you cannot do something yet does not mean it cannot be done.

I have noticed that I go through a very concrete repetitive procedure with my patients whenever a case comes in for healing. My goal is to offer healing on many levels, not to merely snuff out problems. Here is a short list of the inner game of thinking I go through when an person comes to me for help:

1. I 'diagnose' the problem via history and exam, tests seeking to find the major complaint (there may be several).

2. I 'confront' the client regarding what appears to be at the cause (s). At this point I receive either reply one: "Yes, I think I do see that there is at least this problem, let's work at it" -- at which time I begin therapy or referral to correct therapy. Or, reply two: "No, I do not have this problem or I will do it 'my way' and do not want your advice". Basically, a state of denial. The first reply is fine because hopefully therapy will get started very soon, clients will pay and things will improve. The second reply is where 'the healer' him/herself needs the last three steps. What distinguishes this protocol from other medical procedures is steps three through five.

3. If you get the second reply after a whole-hearted full history, exam and report of findings; you immediately mentally lock into 'forgiveness' and proceed to surrender. Many Americans have been brainwashed into invasive medicine (drug you with toxins or quickly do surgical procedures) and choose (if you can call it that) to reject true healing in favor of surgery, soap operas, and football -- they know not what they do.

4. Mentally, you move to further 'self sacrifice' quickly. And by this lets get it clear this actually is the 'happiest' thing you can do because it is the will of the Universe. In other words you work harder for knowledge on deeper levels (prepare for the next patient) of healing guided to you by innate feelings and forget about the last person who rejected healing. You do not attempt to convince, manipulate, or practice some management gimmick on them. You let go of them and let them face the universal consequences of denial. That is love. Next.

5. The 'surrender' is the most vital section for the healer as it is not only the step of learning to give your heart, mind, and soul to the higher power of your understanding (which is the ultimate bottom line); it is saying forget about the clients who understand not. You focus on 'the conductor' and get it straight. Put your energy into that. Then when the next person in need of healing that comes to you, you will have your house in order. If you have or are working on surrender over the years you will arrive at what is being called (anyway by me) the 'Kundalini Activation'. These are spiritual benchmarks from the Buddhist philosophy that occur to empower you into a more evolved spiritual being.

Please see my chapter and read into it in Buddhist literature. It involves having a sudden powerful spiritual awakening usually unidentifiable at the time. Mine involved years of complete confusion and a 'blasting' forth of the 'third eye' chakra from this blizzard of pure consciousness coming thru me. Ultimately, this is my goal for you is to have these experiences so as to so seriously spiritually empower you that you will put a major dent through 'love' into the spiritually bankrupt Illuminati System (their Satanic backward system with the symbol of the all-seeing-eye on the dollar bill is to 'mimic' the 'real thing' which is the truly 'enlightened' you via Kundalini). Through the 'love' for healing the miracles you perform in your own way through natural healing reversed, 'the system' will be forced to take note. Oh, ulcerative colitis gone, muscular sclerosis gone, chronic back pain -- over? Where? The healer did his job and let the power that made the body heal the body.

Softbound, 6.5x8, 360+ pages

Also Available - Pineal Power a Workbook to
Compliment the healing strategies
presented in Your Third Eye -
includes a CD teaching video

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