Historical Reprints History International Jew : Abridged Edition

International Jew : Abridged Edition

International Jew : Abridged Edition
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Henry James Ford


The International Jew


By Henry J. Ford Sr.

The International Jew gives a rare insight into the thoughts and political yen of many of this era. If we fail to study history, even controversial elements of history, we are indeed doomed to repeat its mistakes. Ford, like thousands of other influential men and politicians, endorsed the Nazis in 1930s Germany. This fact is one that is seldom covered in history books.

Every Jewish person should read these books to understand the sort of thinking which creates this attitude among many Gentiles. Our opinion is that Henry Ford, as brilliant a man and entrepreneur that he was, fell into the human trap of assuming the absurd and blaming all Jews for the wrongs of a few. To his credit Mr. Ford did eventually understand he couldn't blame an entire race or entire religion for the atrocities committed by a minority of the Jewish population. The FACTS Ford relates within these books remain FACTS. It is the FACTS we should all study and be aware of.

TGS Publishing does not endorse many of the conclusions reached by Henry Ford in his books 'The International Jew.' His methodical research did preserve bits and pieces of history not often documented in other writings. It is this history we choose under freedom of press to preserve, irregardless of Mr. Ford's anti-semitic remarks and opinions.

As founder and owner of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford Sr. made a positive, lasting contribution to American industry and culture, providing mobility to millions with his inexpensive automobiles. ...


230 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Softbound

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