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Earth Mastery 666

Earth Mastery 666
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Earth Mastery 666:
Age of the Son

by Karen Gross-Foster

Global warming is overtaking the Earth and all whose bodies are not prepared for the new conditions are going to perish just as did the masses in the series of floods which submerged Atlantis!

Earth Mastery 666 Age of the Son explains that Jesus the man and Christ the distant planetary being are two separate and distinct individuals, what interplanetary events REALLY happened the moment Jesus left his body at baptism, when the body was later crucified, what the REAL mission of the Christ was while He occupied Jesus' body, what that mission continues to be and how it plays out in our modern day. The information given in the book will make readers realize the urgent need to disregard superstitious and inaccurate teachings they have received from unenlightened teachers and become "like unto a child" as they relearn the meaning of the Christ visitation to our planet.

The highly advanced being Christ came to our planet to assist the spirit of Earth itself and its human, animal, plant and mineral inhabitants in preparation for the evolutionary change of global warming which is rapidly approaching and is going to totally change the planetary composition and atmosphere. The majority of people on the planet today are unprepared for what lies in store and huge numbers will begin to die. No amount of food stored away or underground shelters will protect anyone as the oxygen vanishes. Not to be outsmarted by technology, Nature will deliver her storms more enormously and suddenly and her diseases more deadly. Just as the pioneers known as Noah in Atlantis, only a handful will survive or be "saved" due to having diligently applied themselves to the intensive preparation of building the body which will survive in the coming age.

Humanity must immediately begin saving itself by correcting its attitude toward animals, nature, food, sex, how it handles the dead, and a host of other issues must be addressed. Earth Mastery 666 Age of the Son goes into detail about all of this and will teach you about Earth's distant past, the Elohim, the actual meaning of "eternal life", how global warming is connected to the Second Coming of the distant planetary being Christ and what you must do to build the body which will survive in the coming Age of the Son. Buy your copy now!


The year 2000 officially ushered in A Thousand Years of Turmoil which will rage furiously upon the planet and her inhabitants over the next millennium. The recent tsunami which killed people from all over the planet who were assembled to reap their collective destiny was but a taste of the extreme weather events in store which will through catastrophic nature forces alter our planet into her new composition. A new day is coming and the masses are unprepared.

Earth is firmly in the clutches of a dark vampiric force which feeds upon the oblivious masses who in turn feed upon the secretions and bodies of animals and other humans to satiate their lowly appetites. So-called "saved" Christians are among the worst of these vampires as they rush to place their personal responsibilities upon another's shoulders in exchange for eternal life. This selfish drinking the life blood of another is but an example of this trend and, after all, who wouldn't like to live forever by merely saying a few words and then going about business as usual?

Such negative people gathering in large groups to "worship" are very often unwittingly attracting the dark force which then follows them home to dwell in their midst.

The author, a positive Seer of the ancient Order of Melchisedek, reveals the startling facts about the realities surrounding us but which are invisible to the masses due to a lack of proper development. Fasten your seatbelt, for everything you thought you knew will be turned upside down upon entering these pages!

Grieving and curious people run to mediums, seances and psychics in desperation to make contact with their dearly departed and this is very understandable given the separation most now experience between the planes of existence. Sadly, many of the people cashing in on people's grief are downright fakes and illusionists and many charlatans behind such shenanigans often are laughing all the way to the bank, having fooled their paying clients with dramatic displays.

Others take matters into their own hands and hold seances or use something such as a ouija board hoping to receive a message from the beyond. This is a dangerous practice as unscrupulous spirits yet in the lower purgatorial regions desire an opportunity to make mischief and see negatively charged people in the body eagerly requesting the presence of something from the inner realms.

This is truly a recipe for disaster as has been proven time and time again when people find themselves haunted by something they were not quite expecting and that may continue to hover in their presence while others become possessed or mentally disturbed by an entity which finds them a suitable host!

Softbound, 5x8, 360+ pages


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