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Sealed Magical Book of Moses

Sealed Magical Book of Moses
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Publisher InnerLight/Global
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Author Name William Alexander Oribello


Sealed Magical Book of Moses

by William Alexander Oribello

Of all the prophets, Moses remains the most highly regarded. It is said that the Magical Art of Moses originally was told to select angels, who then taught this wisdom to humankind as a means for the human race to attain perfection.This book contains the 21 Magical Talismans of Moses which can be used to bring good fortune, attract love, overcome enemies, conquer illness and remain healthy, win at games of chance, bring back a loved one, and attain honor and personal wealth.

One of the great mystics of our age, Oribello is the author of Candleburning with the Psalms, Book of Spiritual Power, Candle Burning to Contact Your Guardian Angel, and Sacred Magic. His spells are accomplished by positive methods and are simple to learn for those walking the right hand path.

This book holds "Ancient secrets of Moses' power, now revealed for the benefit of mystic students in the new age."

Included are the 21 MAGICAL TALISMANS OF MOSES seldom seen, which can be used to:

* Bring you reader the highest possible good fortunes.

* Attain honor and personal wealth.

* Bring back a loved one or straying mate.

* Help overcome illness and stay healthy.

Presents Oribello's original text in its "home spun" workbook format. Includes basic information on magick, such as what a spell is; conjuring spells, good fortune spells, health spells, and zodiac spells. Also includes magical diagrams.

One of the greatest mystics of modern times

William Alexander Oribello was the founder of the Mystic Light Society and author of such classic metaphysical works as Candle Burning With The Psalms, Sacred Magic and Godspells. Inner Light Publications has been his only publisher and remains so today although Bill was called to the Divine Plane in 1996, leaving behind a number of unfinished manuscripts.

These great secrets are available to anyone willing to cast aside the negative aspects of the modern world, and accept help from the Ascended Masters whose mission is to bring the Great Wisdom of God the Creator to Planet Earth and usher back the Golden Age of Mankind that has eluded us for so long.

Softcover, 8 x 11", 70+ pages


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