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William Alexander Oribello

It is funny that one really never stops to consider what life is all about until it is over. When the physical body dies, and the spirit returns to its natural state of being, then the ways of the Universe become clear. Not everything is answered---there are still mysteries that await discovery, that is what makes life, all life, physical and spiritual, so interesting.


Life is the manifestation of the friction of the force of a spiritual entity upon a physical form through the Cosmic Life-giving Energy which permeates all. When the balance of the positive spiritual force and the negative material resistance is broken disease is the result.

Everything vibrates from the tiny cell to the entire body of a plant, animal or of a man as well as the whole Universe. The most common cause of breaking the harmonious healthy vibrations of our body and its organs is the eating of foods and the drinking of liquids whose vibrations are very low or negative. All these substances are called toxic. Is it now plain to everyone why we advocate moderation from meat, cow's milk, white bread, white sugar, salt, tobacco and all other denatured foods as being toxic substances?

The same thing can be said when using plastic materials used as containers, plates, etc. or in synthetic clothing which; are toxic substances. The negative invisible vibrations emanated from these materials and unnatural substances penetrate our bodies and its organs and cells, and break the harmonious healthy life's rhythm in man and cause the multitude of diseases.

The only sure cure for the patient is to come back to the Natural way of living, to have faith in himself and in God, to exercise and be happy. Only, under these simple natural conditions all forces of Nature are then available for the restoration back to health of the sick and to keep him healthy as Nature intends her creatures to be.

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