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by Dorothy Leon
ALL 3 Books in the Trilogy

What does the future hold? Some of you will look to the outer world, others will look within; both are valid.

A golden age is a time when mankind is permeated with the Golden Light of Wisdom. The Aquarian Age of Freedom isn't for the purpose of establishing a new religion. Organizations aren't the answer. "God is no respecter of persons" or groups. He looks only upon the heart.

The Piscean Age was an age of belief. But as spirit is gradually being "poured out" by the Aquarian "man with the pitcher", belief is being replaced with knowledge.


How can we, who have attuned to the incoming frequency of Christ Consciousness, dispel the fears of those who don't yet understand? First, we can gain their respect by demonstrating that the new age isn't represented by gadgetry, channelings, or a myriad of healers who strive to "fix" everyone. These are merely the lesser gifts. We are here to foster a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to attune with and utilize the God-Power; how to be God in action.

Saint Germain is often referred to as "the wonderman of Europe, the man who never dies". His undaunted dedication compelled him to remain upon Earth one hundred years after he made his ascension. As one of the ancient Atlantean founders of "Freemasonry", this dedicated master of freedom refused to leave the planet until the divine plan of anchoring the "New Atlantis" had been set into motion. He now serves as chohan of the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transmutation, radiating this divine quality to our solar system. All who enjoy the privileges of a democratic society today are deeply indebted to his continual, unwavering efforts.

This 240-page book, with many charts and illustrations, as well as 373 footnotes, offers a history of the concept of Democracy from Atlantean times foreword. It clarifies the role of the Mystery Schools, especially Freemasonry, by exploring their antiquity, their original purity, and their later deterioration. Many authors today are so anxious to label Masonry as being "of the devil", that they literally "throw out the baby with the bath water". This book distinguishes the true esotericism and the divine remnant of "overseers" from the manipulating forces of materialistic, power-hungry leaders.

Saint Germain is a name that means "Holy Brother. He said "his father was the Secret Doctrine and his mother the Mysteries". He has been called "the most baffling personality of modern history, the most brilliant and the most successful exponent of ancient wisdom, the man who knows everything, the man who does not die", and "the wonderman of Europe". Mark Prophet said he was "an 18th century Merlin, whose wonders went far beyond mere genius". Saint Germain has also been called "Hierarch of the Aquarian Age" and "Defender of the Flame of Freedom."

He is known in cosmic realms as the "Lord of Freedom". His dedication to freedom began more than seventy thousand years ago, when he was the king of a great golden-age civilization in what is now the Sahara Desert. He could have made his ascension at that time, but chose to continue incarnating to foster his work of anchoring the Violet Flame of Freedom. To do so, he managed to retain his consciousness from one lifetime to another. A. D. K. Luk said: "His work has been much more concerned with the human and physical realm than that of the other masters."

Ascended Lady Master Portia, also known as "The Goddess of Justice" and "The Goddess of Opportunity", represents divine justice and opportunity for this planet. Opportunity has been defined as: The Open Portal to Unity. Justice has been spiritually described as love's great opportunity to right all wrong and balance life's misqualified energies. Because Portia's action is that of balance, her symbol is the scale of justice.

"We are here, heart to heart, soul to soul, mind to mind, with everyone that is on the ball in this time. You are being drenched in the essence of love. Some are soaking it up like a rain-starved desert and others are repelling it, even as they desire that it would be with them."


Born under unusual circumstances in a log cabin in the Missouri Ozarks, Dorothy has been a mystic since birth. The morning after her delivery, a wandering psychic told her mother that she had "a work to do". Conversing with angels, she was later contacted by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

After graduating from high school and college, she studied with Walter Russel's "University of Philosophy and Science," a Kahuna Priest in Hawaii, and the "Cosmic Star Temple," where she became an ordained minister. She also belonged to an Essene group, Astara, Order of the Circle Cross, Mentalphysics, Keepers of the Flame, The Baconian Society, and Mother Mary's Circle.

In 1977, when the Ascended Master Saint Germain first began manifesting to me, he informed me that in addition to the many teachings and valuable light work that would come forth through the years, there would also be two special things that would manifest just before the outward emergence of the Age of Aquarius. One was to be a movie that would inform the general public of the existence of the ascended masters and their dynamic work. The movie would specifically explain Saint Germain's impetus toward freedom. The second was to be a book introducing his divine complement, Lady Master Portia, and their joint role as directors for the Aquarian Age. He did not specify that the movie or the book were to be my assignments, so I merely set back and waited for them to appear.

Saint Germain did, however, specify that I was to write a trilogy of books about him. Book 1 was to explain his "eight-year indenture," in which he guided me to perform certain tasks and to teach certain principles. I wrote this book in 1991. Book 2 was to be about him and his continual quest to manifest freedom and democracy throughout his many different lifetimes on Planet Earth. This book was copyrighted in 1996. Book 3 was to be about his work on the inner planes. I was told to journal the many inner-plane experiences that I was having and continued to have through the years. In mid 2004, I was asked to write Book 3 of the trilogy. Naturally, I thought it would be only about the inner planes, a subject for which I was prepared.

When Saint Germain gave me the title: Saint Germain and Portia's Mystical Role as Directors for the Aquarian Age, I was shocked and felt inadequate to write about the illustrious Lady Master Portia, since I knew so little about her. When I complained to Saint Germain, he assured me that I would be guided. Still feeling insecure, I boldly asked him for a sign and a special radiance of the Violet Flame to empower me for the difficult task. Requesting a sign was not my normal modus operandi. As expounded in Book 1 of this trilogy, I had followed his every instruction blindly and dutifully for nearly thirty years. But writing about Lady Master Portia had really blown my mind.

The next day, after asking for a sign, a friend brought a realtor to see my house, which I was trying to sell on my own. When I asked her name, she said: "Portia." I nearly fell over, for never in my entire life had I heard of anyone named Portia. Noting her slight accent, I asked where she was from. She answered: "Austria, near the Hungarian border." Knowing this area was close to the anchorage of the Violet Flame in Transylvania, further emphasized the sign I had asked for.

As for my requested radiance of the Violet Flame, Saint Germain began drenching me with it on a Wednesday and didn't stop until late Friday evening. By Saturday morning I was so filled with the Violet Ray that everything I looked at appeared violet in color. On Saturday morning, I received a phone call from an enlightened Saint Germain channel who I had not heard from for thirteen years. He said: "I'm not sure why I'm calling, but Saint Germain has been bugging me all morning to give you a call." This was another sign. The friend then invited me to visit his crystal temple. Basking in its powerful radiance was like visiting the inner planes. I was fully charged.

Feeling greatly blessed, I had two additional inner plane experiences that launched me into orbit. First, I was taken to an immense field of crystals. I strolled through them, then walked off to one side where I found a long crystal with a word imbedded within it. The words was: PERFECTION. During my second experience I was given a special nut to eat and was told it would act like a "golden elixir". It was shaped like a pecan, but inside, it was creamy and smooth. I was then given a small wooden coffee table and asked to describe it. I praised its beautiful wood grain and highly polished finish, but was told that as soon as the elixir took effect, I was see a different dimension. A few minutes later, I saw that the top of the table was covered with brilliant agates and jewels. I was amazed.

I sincerely hope and pray that I can do justice to describing such a great being as Lady Master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, and to define her and Saint Germain's role as directors for the Aquarian Age. During the writing of this book, she laid her hands upon my head to give me a blessing, but I did not see her and there was no message, just her powerful radiance. I feel so blessed ,and would indeed be greedy to ask for more.

Three Paperback Books, 5 x 8

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