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Materialized Apparitions

Materialized Apparitions
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Materialized Apparitions

E. A. Brackett

Serious research and study into the psychic world, its abilities, supernatural, and the spirits that seem to answer us. The author was a sceptic -- but now?

From the Introduction

IN 1840 I became acquainted with Dr. Colyer, then lecturing on Mesmerism, at Peel's Museum, New York, and fully believed, at that time, that he was a humbug, and Mesmerism a fraud. Soon after this, while visiting some friends, with Mr. Pendleton, formerly from Boston, this subject was pretty thoroughly discussed,-Mr. Pendleton insisting that there was truth in it, and that I was not treating it fairly; and he proposed, as a matter of amusement, that I should try the experiment on some one of the party present. Willing to turn the discussion into a less serious form, I consented to take the part assigned me; and soon found, to my astonishment, that I had before me a most excellent clairvoyant subject. What had been started as amusement became a very interesting entertainment, resulting in the meeting of the parties once a week for the purpose of studying Mesmerism.

In the following spring I removed to Boston, where in my leisure hours I continued my investigations, part of the time with Dr. William F. Channing, the inventor of the Fire Alarm, and at the time a student with Dr. Jackson. I was indebted to him for many interesting suggestions, and especially for the use of a very delicate galvanometer, for the purpose of detecting, if possible, any magnetic or electric currents passing between the magnetizer and his subject. No such currents were discovered, and when we found that our subject could be controlled and thrown into a trance when more than a mile away, by the action of the will alone, the idea of testing currents was abandoned. All that has since been made public under the names of Mind-Reading and Telepathy, and much more, was familiar to us.

When trance-mediumship, became known, believing that it was only a form of Mesmerism, I gave considerable attention to it. There were few mediums of note that I did not have more or less sittings with, but the most satisfactory communications I received came through a member of my own family. While the evidence was such as would have convinced most persons that these messages came from the other side of life, I was by no means sure of it.

In this state of mind, in consequence of some statements made to me by Mr. Thomas Appleton, of what he had seen in Europe, I decided to investigate what is known as "Materialization," that is, the alleged production of visible and tangible apparitions out of seeming nothingness. I felt, whether right or wrong, that my experience in Mesmerism, and the long training of my perceptive faculties as a sculptor, which enabled me to detect the slightest differences between objects, was as good a preparation as one could have for studying this class of phenomena.

I had no sectarian prejudices to overcome, and no lack of courage in stating ray convictions, no matter which way the evidence might lead. That I prejudged the case in the beginning, I freely admit, and, like thousands of others, formed an opinion without giving to it that attention which is necessary in dealing fairly with any subject. I have a thorough abhorrence of fraud, whether in the seance-room or in the pulpit, regarding any one who would trifle with the most sacred feelings of our nature as deserving the severest punishment.


NOT being acquainted with any "materializing medium," so termed, I obtained from Mr. Luther Colby, of Boston, a letter of introduction to Mrs. Fay of that city, stating that I was desirous of visiting her seances. I called upon the lady and presented the letter, but found that she was out of health, and, for the present, had discontinued her sittings. I, however, left my address, with the request that she would inform me when she resumed her seances.

More than a year passed without hearing from her, and, finding that she was giving sittings, I made free to call at the house and ask admittance, which was granted. As she did not recognize me, felt confident that she had forgotten the circumstance of the letter, and, as I preferred to remain as far as possible incognito, made no allusion to it.

Curiosity led me to scan the audience. There were about thirty persons present, and as far as I could judge, they were of more than ordinary intelligence. At the beginning of the seance, the light was lowered, but not so low that we could not discern clearly the features of those around us.

I do not propose now to deal with the experience of others, although I have from the beginning made that a part of my study, but shall confine myself to what came to me. Near the close of the seance, the lady who sat next the cabinet said there was a form present who gave the name of "Maggie Brackett." She would not be certain about the first name, as the form was very weak and spoke in a whisper. Here was a chance to come in contact with one of these beings, supposed to belong to another life.

Although I knew of no one, in or out of my family, by that name, I assumed that it was for me, and stepped up to the cabinet. As I did so, the curtain parted, and a very beautiful female, apparently about sixteen years old, stood before me. I looked at her very closely, but could trace no resemblance to the medium, nor to any one I had known. I said, "I do not remember you; did I ever see you before?"

She shook her head, and tried to speak, but I could not make out what she intended to say.

Finding that I did not understand, she held out her hand, about three feet from the floor; but I did not know what that meant, and, seeing that she was greatly disappointed, shook hands with her, saying, "Never mind; we will find out about this some other time;" then bade her Good-bye, and she stepped behind the curtain. As I turned to my seat, a hoarse voice inside the cabinet somewhat startled me by saying, "Your wife is here! I answered, "Very well, I shall be glad to see her."

If I was disappointed in the first form, I was doubly so in this. It was a much smaller person than my deceased wife, and had a tired, careworn expression, while the features strongly resembled the medium. She greeted me warmly. Holding her at arms' length, in order to better study her form, I said, "You are not tall or stout enough for my wife." "Wait," she said; and, stepping behind the curtain, returned in a few moments, fuller, and near a head taller.

The height and general build of the form were now very good, but the face was a medley. I saw, or fancied, some resemblance to my wife, but still more to the medium.


Part 1 Materialization and Dematerialization of Forms and Objects
Chapter 1 My First Seances, and What Came of It
Chapter 2 Personification By The Medium, or Materialized Forms?
Chapter 3 Materialization & Dematerialization of Objects
Chapter 4 Materialization & Dematerialization Under Test Conditions.
Chapter 5 An Unexpected Seance
Chapter 6 Seance With Mrs. Carrie M. Sawyer
Chapter 7 Seances With Mrs. Fairchild
Chapter 8 Seance With Miss Helen Berry At Onset
Chapter 9 Seance At The Berry Sisters' In Boston
Chapter 10 Materialized Forms- How Shall We Meet Them?
Part 2 Opinions and Theories
Chapter 1 A Glance Behind The Curtain
Chapter 2 Exposures Of Mediums
Chapter 3 Public Seances
Chapter 4 The Attitude Of Scientists
Chapter 5 Public Opinion
Chapter 6 Conclusion

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