Lost in Space

Lost in Space
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Author Name L. Savage, R. W. Sellars, Robert M. Yerkes, Albert Einstein, Edwin B. Wilson, Joseph Jastrow, Talcott Williams, Arthur E. Bostwick, W. P. Preble, Roy Wood Sellars, James H. Hyslop, John E. Boodin, James H. Hyslop, Hiram M. Stanley, Irving King, Walter Smi
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Lost in Space

It's About Time,
It's About Space

Six Volume Set

L. Savage, R. W. Sellars, Robert M. Yerkes, Albert Einstein, Edwin B. Wilson, Joseph Jastrow, Talcott Williams, Arthur E. Bostwick, W. P. Preble, Roy Wood Sellars, James H. Hyslop, John E. Boodin, James H. Hyslop, Hiram M. Stanley, Irving King, Walter Smith, Evander Bradley McGilvary, Theodore de Laguna, Leonard Waldo, Oliver Lodge, Paul Carus, George S. Fullerton, David P. Abbott, William Pepperrell Montague, Henri Poincare, Hermann Minkowski, Juul Dieserud, Hans Friedenthal, James Westfall Thompson, H. R. Vanderbyl, C. O. Weber, E. D. Roe Jr., Richard Kirwan, J. L. Synge, J. Plucker, Mansfield Merriman, C. S. Parrish, Edmund C. Sanford, A. E. Segsworth, Herbert Nichols, James H. Leuba, Edward Chace Tolman, Isabel Johnson, P. F. Swindle, Israel Isaac Efros, Harry Austryn Wolfson, Milton Updegraff, Knight Dunlap, Cassius J. Keyser, Edward Kasner, George Bruce Halstead, C. Staniland Wake, C. L. E. Moore, Frederick J. E. Woodbridge, Bernard C. Ewer, R. W. Sellars, Walter B. Pitkin, John E. Boodin, Harold Chapman Brown, Henry Rutgers Marshall, J. T. Shotwell, Elsie Clews Parsons, John Watson, Mary Whitin Calkins, George Stuart Fullerton, Walter Smith, Alfred H. Lloyd, H. A. Overstreet, John Eisland, E. L. de Forest, Kirby S. Miller, T. F. Wade, Arthur O. Lovejoy, H. B. Phillips, C. L. E. Moore, J. E. Cabot, Payton Spence, John Watson, J. Delboeuf, Ernst Mach, Richard Meade Bache, David P. Abbott, Branislav Petronievics, Paul Carus, Bertrand Russell, J. E. Turner, A. J. Schneeweiss, Norbert Weiner, Oscar Stumpe, Edward S. Holden, J. H. Moore, Walter Hough, F. A. Seely, R. Watanabe, Edith A. Alvord, Helen R. Searle, Frank Angell, Henry Harwood, Robert MacDougall, Willard J. Fisher, J. C. Adams, Joseph Jastrow, Edwin R. A. Selioman, Taizo Nakashima, Arthur O. Lovejoy, Ellen Bliss Talbot, Harry Cary, F. P. Matz, P. A. Nordell, J. C. Adamson, Robert L. Reeves, Albert Einstein, William Benjamin Smith, Warren Chase, J. A. Leighton, Charles M. Bakewell, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, P. Louis Soldan, Harlow Shapley, L. P. Eisenhart, W. W. N. & W. M. Beauchamp, W. P. Montague, S. Newcomb, W. H. Preece, J. McKeen Cattell, A. C. Ranyard, G. D. Liveing, A. M. Clarke, Arthur S. Hathaway, M. F. Washburn, Gabriel M. Green, W. S. Adams A. H. Joy, Llewellyn T. Spencer, W. H. S. Monck, Truman Henry Safford, Victor A. Endersby, Halcott C. Moreno, J. M. Schaeberle, W. R. Hamilton, Edward Kasner, Allan Spencer Hawkesworth, William H. Cobb, Edwin B. Wilson Gilbert N. Lewis, Alfred A. Robb, A. Favre, J. Gaviglio, R. Dumas

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"It's about time, it's about space, it's a story about the human race".... this was a television entry jingle to a short lived show in the 1960's. "Lost in Space" was the title of a long running television science fiction show. While these were merely cutesy sayings for drawing in an audience, the words of both quotes are quite apropos when contemplating time and space. That's what this massive set is all about, contemplating space and time.



Volume 1

-*-Preface Time and Space, The Infinite and Eternal
-*-Space and Time
-*-Sex Inference in the Estimation of Time
-*-Space, Time, and Gravitation
-*-Space, Time and Gravitation
-*-Time Relations of Mental Phenomena
-*-Space Relations of Numbers
-*-Four Fold Space
-*-Space Perception
-*-Space and Reality
-*-The 4th Dimension of Space
-*-Space and Science
-*-Doctrine of Space
-*-The Idea of Space
-*-Time and the Experience of Time
-*-Nature of Space
-*-Distribution of Time
-*-Ether of Space
-*-Space of 4 Dimensions
-*-On Space of 4 Dimensions
-*-Thoughts on Space, Time and Existence
-*-Are Mental Processes in Space?
-*-Relativity of Space
-*-Time and Space
-*-Space and the World in Space
-*-Limits of Space and Time
-*-Ethical Significance of Time
-*-Philosophic Possibilities In Space
-*-Psycho-Genesis of Space
-*-Thoughts on Space
-*-Space and Duration
-*-Duration, Time and Eternity

Volume 2

-*-Directions in a Riemannian Space
-*-New Geometry of Space
-*-New Geometry of Space (abridged)
-*-Investigations in the Ether of Space
-*-Open and Filled Space
-*-Visual Perception of Space
-*-Monocular Perception of Space
-*-Valuation of Space Distances
-*-Psychology of Time
-*-Kinaesthetic Space Perception
-*-Association-Time and Feeling
-*-Reaction Time Redefined
-*-Space in Jewish Mediaeval Philosophy
-*-Crescas's Definition of Time
-*-Measurement of Time
-*-Rhythm and Time Device

Volume 3

-*-Figure and Dimensions of the Universe of Space
-*-Jonathan Edwards on Multidimensional Space
-*-Einstein's Space of Six Dimensions
-*-Four-fold Space
-*-Four-fold Space and Two-fold Time
-*-Notion of Four-fold Space
-*-Surface Rotations in Four Dimension Space
-*-Problem of Time in Modern Philosophy
-*-Time Paradox in Perception
-*-Critical Realism and the Time Problem
-*-Neglected Paradoxes of Visual Space
-*-Concept of Time
-*-The Infinite in Time and Space
-*-Time Perception
-*-Time and the Percept
-*-The Discovery of Time
-*-Discovery of Time
-*-The Absolute and the Time Process
-*-Kant and Leibniz Space and Time Doctrine
-*-The Doctrine of Space and Time
-*-Metaphysics of Time
-*-Time as a Datum of History
-*-Ground of the Time Illusion
-*-Nullsystems in Space of Five Dimensions
-*-Law of Error of a Point in Space
-*-Necessity of a Constant in the Concept of Space
-*-Notation of Time in China
-*-Religion and the Time Process
-*-Time in the Old Testament
-*-Rotations in Space of Even Dimensions

Volume 4

-*-Philosophy of Space and Time
-*-The Notion of Space
-*-Time and Space as Negations
-*-Kant on the Infinite Divisibility of Space
-*-Space Geometrical and Actual
-*-Physiological and Geometrical Space
-*-Space and Geometry
-*-The Problem of Time
-*-Time, Space and Existence
-*-Multi-Dimensional Space Conception
-*-Mental Processes in Space
-*-Poincare on Relativity of Space
-*-Experience of Time
-*-Subjectivity of Time and Space
-*-Time and Speculative Philosophy
-*-Space and Geometry to Experience
-*-Motion of the Solar System in Space
-*-Absorption of Light in Space
-*-Time Keeping by Light and Fire
-*-Development of Time-Keeping in Greece and Rome
-*-Two Points in Reaction Time
-*-Comparison of Time Intervals
-*-Discrimination of Clangs for Time Intervals

Volume 5

-*-Sex Differences in the Sense of Time
-*-Star-Time Observations with a Y-Level
-*-Mean Solar Time
-*-Time of Mental Processes
-*-Tenets of Political Economy With Time
-*-Time Relations of Mental Phenomena
-*-Time Perception As Measure of Sensations
-*-Time Problem in Contemporary Philosophy
-*-Time Problem in French Philosophy
-*-Time Process and the Value of Human Life
-*-Time, Meaning and Transcendence
-*-Time Sense
-*-Time of Thales
-*-Time and Eternity
-*-Minute Intervals of Time
-*-Christian Science' on Space, Time and the 4th Dimension
-*-Obsolescence of the Eternal
-*-Sidelights on Relativity
-*-Time and Geometry and Experience
-*-Relativity and Its Philosophic Implications
-*-The Infinite, Transient and Eternal
-*-The Infinite New and Old
-*-Ugly Infinite Good-for-Nothing Absolute
-*-God In His Eternal Idea

Volume 6

-*-Absorption of Light in Space
-*-Riemann Space and Einstein
-*-Lapse of Time in Fairyland
-*-Time Perception
-*-Philosophy of Hyper-Space
-*-Signaling Through Space Without Wires
-*-Visual Perception of Space
-*-Space Penetrating Power of Large Telescopes
-*-Atmosphere of Stellar Space
-*-Sun's Motion in Space
-*-Quaternion Space
-*-Verbal Suggestion on Tactual Space Perception
-*-Conjugate Nets Space Space Curves
-*-Motions of High Velocity Stars in Space
-*-Time Estimations Different Interpolations
-*-Sun's Motion in Space
-*-Sun's Motion In Space
-*-Solar Motion in Space
-*-Sun's Velocity In Space
-*-Einsteinian Space
-*-Loci in n-Fold Space
-*-Absolute Temperature of Space
-*-Geometrical Nets in Space
-*-Apollonian Problem in Space
-*-Certain Space Generalizations
-*-Question of Space
-*-Space-Time Manifold of Relativity
-*-Absolute Relations Between Time and Space
-*-Measurements of Time and Space
-*-Mind Cleaning Time



What is space? We all have definitions that fit a single idea of what it might be. What is time? Again we define it in terms we are familiar with, but are those seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc... really time? Is an empty glass filled with space? Is the distance between two fingers space? Is time the same for me as it is for you? Or are we both wrong? Is space that area beyond our atmosphere, i.e. outer space? If that is outer space, then where is inner space?

Wherever there is nothing, there is space. Space is void, a null. It is nothing and nothingness. Space is infinite since there can be no end to its existence. If the universe were to implode space is all that would remain.

All the religious nuts and pseudo-prophets are preaching about and waiting for the end of time. The Mayan calendar had the world on edge that time, at least as we know it, would end on December 21, 2012. The fact is that if the earth and sun were to disappear time would continue on. Time is eternal, and does not rely on our sun, earth, and moon. Those only relate to 'us' humans on the home planet.

Time goes on forever. Even if time is a circle, it continues on its path with or without humans. So space is infinite and time is eternal. Is that not the only definitions of God that we really have? Is not that divine identified as infinite and eternal? So is God merely (or divinely) space and time?

Theologians, monks, priests, and philosophers from the ancients till now have contemplated space and time with the infinite and eternal. The great mind of Einstein was consumed by discovering how space and time work, how they relate to each other, and how they affect one another. The distance to planet xyz, for instance, is the space between two points. One point is earth and the other planet xyz. Yet we define that space in time!

Again space is nothing.. Space is a void. Space is the area where nothing can obstruct its being space. If you have an empty glass, is it space that fills that glass? It can't be because there are molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, pollutants, dust, etc. in that air that is in the empty glass. That would make space only exist where it is unobstructed between the molecules.

While space is a void, a nothing, it is perhaps the most important discovery in mathematics that the Arabians made. The Hebrews, the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and others in creating a human usable number system failed to include nothing, void, a zero. Their number systems were cumbersome, make calculations extremely difficult. Think of how difficult it is to read Roman numerals. There is no space (place) holder, there is no zero. The Arabic numeral system was devised by some great mind that understood the concept of nothing and how important is was to mathematics.

There may be nothing more difficult to contemplate than nothing, void, zero, space.. and its infinite character. There can always be nothing, but there cannot always be something. There is always space or everything become one large mass of matter.

Are we truly in fathomless space when we travel in outer space? Or do such things as solar winds, radiation, light, sound, gravity, or vibrations, interrupt space?

Time is endless. We generally only deal with divisions of time in the most minor of methods that have been supplied to us, clocks, sundials, watches, calendars, etc. Yet those items are not time, nor is our limited divisions of time, really time. Our limited view of time is based on the revolutions and orbits of the moon, earth, and sun. Yet, time exists without the sun, moon or earth existing.

When we look at a star we see light that shone billions of earth years ago. The star itself that shined that light has had billions of earth years of change since the light we see was produced. We are looking at the ancient history of that star! Many times we are viewing light that was produced even before our sun, earth, and solar system was created. So time existed long before mankind. An astronomer says he or she discovered a new star. Does he mean he/she just found it in the telescope or that that star's light suddenly appeared from its birth billions of earth years ago?

Scientists and counter-culture enthusiasts are seriously looking at time travel. Time travel cannot even be defined in earth year time. But, the minds that contemplate how to defeat the barriers of time, feel that time travel is possible! If time is an endless circle then twisting the circle into a figure eight gives us one point to cross over out of our current time into another, past or future!


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