My Visit to Venus

My Visit to Venus
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My Visit to Venus

T. Lobsang Rampa

Rampa, in essence, became one of the first to talk of themselves in terms of being a "Walk-In." The lama stated his purpose in entering the body of the westerner .


Did T. Lobsang Rampa actually go buzzing through the solar system in a flying saucer? Or was he just another deluded psychopath dredging up a good yarn from the dark depths of a twisted mind?

If he was a nut, he had plenty of company. Men (and some women) have been circumnavigating the cosmos for thousands of years, leaving extensive records of their travels behind for us to puzzle over. Even Enoch, the traditional son of Cain and father of Methuselah, is supposed to have visited other worlds where he had such harrowing experiences that they became a part of religion and folklore. According to the Books of Enoch, which were once part of the Christian bible, he was sleeping alone in his house one night when he was suddenly awakened by "two men, exceeding big, so that I never saw such on earth...They were standing at the head of my couch and began to call me by my name."

The two giant entities plucked Enoch from his bed and escorted him into outerspace where, during the next sixty days, they gave him a guided tour of ten different worlds. Some were occupied by deliriously happy people while others were gloomy and dark, filled with Gregori... wretched gray beings with withered faces who mumbled and marked in dreariness. Enoch saw worlds of dazzling lights and energy, too. He was the first space traveler. He was also the first abductee. Although he supposedly underwent those adventures more than 4,000 years ago, copies of his "books" (scrolls) were smuggled out of Russia about 1,500 years ago. Since then, thousands of other people have claimed almost identical experiences. Indeed, the beginning of Whitley Streiber's COMMUNION, the big bestseller of 1987, is uneasily similar to Enoch's account.

A great Swedish seer, Emanuel Swedenborg, went floundering around the cosmos in the 1700's, leaving behind a score of ponderous books written in Latin. Apparently, he was a powerful psychic and astral projectionist. Many of his experiences were undoubtedly what we now call OBE's (out-of-body-experiences). Like Enoch, many modern OBE's begin when the percipient is seemingly aroused from a sound sleep and finds himself confronted with a guide who resembles an Indian, a giant, a dwarf, an ethereal spirit or even a space entity.

This guide then takes the percipient on a wonderful tour of a very realistic universe. It doesn't seem to be a dream but there are many dreamlike qualities. For example, the tour may seem to take many hours, even days, but when the percipient is returned to his bed he finds only a few minutes have passed. This happened to Enoch and Swedenborg. The process can also be reversed. The experience may seem to be short but when the percipient returns he finds he has been gone for days, weeks, even years. Earth time loses its meaning in these adventures.

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