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What Every Citizen Should Know About Guns and Weapons

What Every Citizen Should Know About Guns and Weapons
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What Every Citizen
Should Know About
Guns and Weapons

by Major James E. Hicks

THIS book gives detailed and authoritative information about every sort of weapon from the pistol to the heaviest coast artillery. Fully described and illustrated are small arms, from Revolutionary muskets to semiautomatic rifles and modern revolvers; machine guns from Gatlins to Brownings; famous types of cannon, 75 mm., howitzers, modern mortars and antiaircraft; all types of combat tanks and mobile mechanized units; and aircraft armament and bombs.

Upon the quality of this materiel hinge factors that make for victory or defeat in battle. Weapons superior to those of the enemy enable a general to carry out his plans, and his tactics will change in accordance with the relative merits of the arms which are at his disposal. It is the purpose of this book to give an intelligent comprehension of the background and present service of the weapons used by our Army and to trace their development so that laymen may know the problems involved in the use of the Army's more modern tools.

Though it is historical in treatment, covering the arms which the country has used since the Revolution, and including many interesting accounts of in ventions and inventors, it is not a book for the specialist. It is a practical explanation of the purpose and functions of our arms, weapons, and combat vehicles for the citizen who realizes that our self-defense depends on our inventive genius and productive power.

252 pages
5 1/2 x 8 1/ 2 inches

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