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Great Convergence, The

Great Convergence, The
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The Great Convergence

By Jess Miller

'The Great Convergence' is set in 1979 in the English village of Little Saddlington where local auctioneers Rubicon & Shipley are surprised to find that their next auction has been heavily publicised around the world. Thus instead of the usual one hundred people turning up thousands descend upon the country auction house and sleepy village, resulting in a chaotic catalogue of extraordinary events all brought about by 'The Great Convergence'.

Major George Roberts has fought a twelve year running battle with his landlord since he became owner of the estate. The estate owner, Geoffrey Rawlston, has unsuccessfully tried everything possible to force the Major out of his cottage over the years and now that the Major cannot afford to renew his lease Rawlston will finally get the cottage back, leaving the Major with no option but to move into a retirement home.

Meanwhile visitors and villagers become embroiled in a series of chaotic scenes:

The tickets for the village hall seating have been double sold and fighting ensues. The local Firemaster stops the auction before it can start. The auctioneer's selling 'pulpit' collapses. A Cornishman and a Scotsman go head to head trying to buy two mysterious locked boxes with unknown contents. An Australian tries to sell his family heirloom at his own private auction and two Japanese become desperate to buy the Japanese swords they have discovered in the auction.

Will the village hall be able to accommodate everyone? What do the two mysterious locked boxes contain? Who is the Sheikh and where did he come from? What will happen to the Major? Will the two Japanese commit hara-kiri? Can anyone drink three pints of beer faster than the Australian? What part will the mongrel dog and The Crow that was a Rook play in the proceedings?

The camaraderie and friendship, greed and dishonesty, triumph and disaster brought about by 'The Great Convergence' paint a humorous picture of life's ups and downs.

184 pages

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