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Selestor's Men of Atlantis

Selestor's Men of Atlantis
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Author Name Clara Iza Von Ravn
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Men of Atlantis

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Clara Iza Von Ravn

Atlantis, "the submerged island," some speak of it as a continent, which for unnumbered generations has been considered a myth, must now be accepted by fair-minded archeologists and other scientists as a proven fact that such an island at one time did exist.

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The wonderful amount of material, especially fossils of different kinds, relating to the island of Atlantis that were gathered by the Schliemanns, father and son, noted archeologists who devoted their lives to proving that such an island really did once exist. Other scientists of note working independently, or cooperating with the Schliemanns, have added their acquirements to the proof.

In his majestic and poetical language Selestor, to whom we are indebted for the contents of this book, has pictured for us the highly civilized state of Atlantis' inhabitants, that in several sciences were even farther advanced than our nation is today, especially in mentonomy-a study of the mind.


Atlantis was once a speck blown on the ocean's waves, a spot upon the foam, a floating nut that gathered to itself still other flotsam through the aeons gone and grew as all hath grown.

At first a clod of earth on which no life existed, but the birds of air found rest for weary wings, and sore distress of thirst was quenched in the low pools which caught the water from a weeping sky. Wrecked ships gave matter for its shape and size, and elements in motion added much towards the building of that ocean isle-a grain from out the granary of the deep.

Thus long it floated, sent out roots and sprays down to the coral of the deep sea bed and anchored; solid was it, not else could it have arisen from that dread wall of water in which it was engulfed. The aeons are the builders in God's building mart, and gave it size and beauty, all that land e'er gathered or land needeth. Fairer far it was than mine which shows its wastes of sand unsightly; blossoms on that isle were touched with rainbow tints as fair as those where ether makes the planes which ye call "Paradise."

The seeds of fruits and trees were wafted from that land named Africa, and gems which made much wealth were once in galleys borne, and boats once torn to fragments by the wind and waves had given treasure to the ocean isle.

The gold had formed in God's great crucible where matter formeth by a method man cannot grasp but through the aeons, for no speck of time can so create that man may turn and say: "Behold the wonders of the earth and sea which have been formed in this brief span of time!"

Volcanoes there rose pointed, high, through that fixed law of earth revolvement known to them who study earthy substances. Hot from friction of a mingled soil the growth is brief and thus a passage gives throughout the cone; gasses then are formed through suction, friction of the ether and the water force and all that activates the law, or task, and liquid from the solid thus is born, as steam from the heart of solid substance forms.

248 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610335821
ISBN-13: 9781610335829

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