Lost History Secret Society Histories Secret Societies And The Founding Of America

Secret Societies And The Founding Of America

Secret Societies And The Founding Of America
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Secret Societies
And The
Founding Of America

A Collection of Essays by
Post-911 Free Thinkers

K.C. Willis
Commander X

Behind the United States and its Constitution is a small group of men whose sole objective is to enslave the whole world and humanity in their satanic plot for a one world government. This satanic plot was launched back in the 1760's when it first came into existence under the name of the Illuminati.



The Genesis of Secret Societies

According to The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XTV (1912 by Robert Appleton Company) a secret society is a society which is known to exist, but whose members and places of meetings are not publicly known. Today, we understand a secret society is a society with secrets, having a ritual demanding an oath of allegiance and secrecy, and usually prescribing ceremonies of a religious character.

Secret societies are those organizations which completely conceal their rules, corporate activity, the names of their members, their signs, passwords and usages from outsiders or the "profane." As a rule, the members of these societies are bound to the strictest secrecy concerning all the business of the association by oath or promise or word of honor, and often under the threat of severe punishment in case of its violation. If such secret society has higher and lower degrees, the members of the higher degree must be equally careful to conceal their secrets from their brethren of a lower degree. In certain secret societies, the members are not allowed to know even the names of their highest officers.

Secret societies were founded to promote certain ideal aims, to be obtained not by violent but by moral measures. By this, they are distinguished from conspiracies and secret plots which are formed to attain a particular object through violent means.

Though secret societies, in the modern and technical sense, did not exist in antiquity, there were various organizations which boasted an esoteric doctrine known only to their members, and carefully concealed from the profane. Some date societies of this kind back to Pythagoras (582-507 B.C.). The Eleusinian Mysteries, the secret teachings of Egyptian and Druid hierarchies, the esoteric doctrines of the Magian and Mithraic worshipers furnished material for such secret organizations.

Mystery schools once existed throughout the Ancient World - Greece, Egypt, India, China, South America. These spiritual centers provided a place where students could receive a mystical education by progressing through a series of spiritual trials and initiations. The goal was to provide seekers with the highest levels of spiritual realization - to understand the deep truths of existence, the cosmos and human life. Initiates of the Mysteries were credited with wisdom, as well as great magical and occult powers.

The main method of teaching the Mysteries was through myths--stories with deep mystical and psychological symbolism; for example, the Greek and Roman Myths. In reality, these stories possessed two different levels. On the mundane level, the myths could be seen as simple entertaining tales with light moral undertones. For most people, this is how they would be received. These were the Outer Mysteries.

However, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, there existed the Inner Mysteries. Students of the Outer Mysteries would be carefully observed. Some would show signs of recognition - a clear ability to see beyond the superficial level of the stories to the more profound meaning. These few would then be selected for further initiation into the Inner Mysteries. They would serve under the tutorship of the Master (Hierophant) of the Mystery School and be taken to ever deeper levels of spiritual unfoldment.

The teachings were hard. The initiation ceremonies were dramatic and frightening - seemingly life and death situations where the student was exposed to his deepest fears and temptations. Perhaps the mythological stories would be enacted in the depths of a dark cave to the sound of loud gongs and frightening flashes of light. Frankly, nobody really knows. Initiates were sworn to strictest secrecy, even unto death, and these matters were never written down. Contrary to popular opinion, the Mysteries did not originate either in Egypt or in Greece, but can be traced at least to pre-Vedic India. The Greek Mysteries were the last surviving relies of the archaic wisdom enacted under the guidance of high Initiates. With their loss, the Dark Ages of Europe began.

Within the sacred crypts of the Mystery Schools the hidden secrets of nature and man were unfolded. Clement of Alexandria says that the evolution of the entire universe was divulged in the Greater Mysteries, "for in them was shown to the initiated Nature and all things as they are." Their moral value was stressed by Epictetus, while Plato asserted that their real object was to restore the soul to its primordial purity, that state of perfection from which it had fallen.

Herodotus informs us that the Mysteries were introduced into Greece by Orpheus, the son of Apollo, from whom he received his seven-stringed lyre, or the sevenfold mystery of initiation. Although Orpheus is commonly described as a "mythological" character ... "This alone may be depended upon, from general assent, that there formerly lived a person named Orpheus, who was the founder of theology among the Greeks; the first of prophets and the prince of poets; who taught the Greeks their sacred rites and mysteries, and from whose wisdom the divine muse of Homer and the sublime theology of Pythagoras and Plate flowed." (Thomas Taylor: Mystical Hymns of Orpheus.)

Orpheus was a generic title, the name of one of those early instructors of the Third Race, which passed from teacher to pupil for untold generations. The Greek Orpheus is identified with Ajuna, the disciple of Krishna, who went around the world establishing the Mysteries. The word Orpheus, which means the "dark skinned," points to the Indo-Aryan ancestry of that Teacher, while the purely Eastern character of his philosophy indicates the real source of the wisdom of Greece.

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