Spirituality-Religions Religious History God-Idea of the Ancients : Sex in Religion (Large Print)

God-Idea of the Ancients : Sex in Religion (Large Print)

God-Idea of the Ancients : Sex in Religion (Large Print)
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Author Name Eliza Burt Gamble


The God-Idea of the Ancients
Sex in Religion

By Eliza Burt Gamble


I. Sex The Foundation Of The God-Idea
Ii. Tree, Plant, And Fruit Worship
Iii. Sun Worship--Female And Male Energies In The Sun
Iv. The Dual God Of The Ancients A Trinity Also
V. Separation Of The Female And Make Elements In The Deity
Vi. Civilization Of An Ancient Race
Vii. Concealment Of The Early Doctrines
Viii. The Original God-Idea Of The Israelites
Ix. The Phoenician And Hebrew God Set Or Seth
X. Ancient Speculations Concerning Creation
Xi. Fire And Phallic Worship
Xii. An Attempt To Purify The Sensualized Faiths
Xiii. Christianity A Continuation Of Paganism
Xiv. Christianity A Continuation Of Paganism --(Continued)
Xv. Christianity In Ireland
Xvi. Stones Or Columns As The Deity
Xvii. Sacrifices
Xviii. The Cross And A Dying Savior

From the Preface:

Nowhere is the influence of sex more plainly manifested than in the formulation of religious conceptions and creeds. With the rise of male power and dominion, and the corresponding repression of the natural female instincts, the principles which originally constituted the God-idea gradually gave place to a Deity better suited to the peculiar bias which had been given to the male organism. An anthropomorphic god like that of the Jews--a god whose chief attributes are power and virile might--could have had its origin only under a system of masculine rule.

P 75:
In all countries, at a certain stage in the history of religion, the transference of female deified power to mortal man may be observed. In the attempt to change Seth or Typhon into a male God may be noted perhaps the first effort in Egypt to dethrone, or lessen the female power in the god-idea.

The fact seems plain that the Great Typhon Seth, or Set, who conferred on the sovereigns of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties of Egypt "the symbols of life and power," was none other than the primitive Regenerator or Destroyer, who was for ages worshipped as the God of Nature the Aleim, or the life-giving energy throughout the universe.

p 94:
No one I think can read the Avestas without being impressed by the prominence there given to the subjects of temperance and virtue. In their efforts to purify religion, and in the attempts to return to their more ancient faith, the disciples of Zoroaster, as early as eight hundred years before Christ, had adopted a highly spiritualized conception of the Deity. They had taught in various portions of Asia Minor the doctrine of one God, a dual entity by means of which all things were created. They taught also the doctrine of a resurrection and that of the immortality of the soul. It was at this time that they originated, or at least propounded, the doctrine of hell and the devil, a belief exactly suited to the then weakened mental condition of mankind, and from which humanity has not yet gained sufficient intellectual and moral strength to free itself. This Persian devil, which had become identified with winter or with the absence of the sun's rays, was now Aryhman, or the "powers of darkness," and was doubtless the source whence sprang the personal devil elaborated at a later age by Laotse in China.

340+ pages
5 x 8 perfect bind book
TGS Historical Reprint
written in 1905

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