Mind Magnet

Mind Magnet
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Mind Magnet

How to Unify and Intensify
Your Natural Faculties
Efficiency, Health and Success

by Paul Ellsworth

This is a scanned reprint of the original book. This is scanned facsimile of the original book printed in 1924. We make no apologies for the stray marks, occasional lines, or for the quality of the pages herein. It was a great task, requiring many hours to scan and prepare this book for reprint.

How to free yourself from the grip of a race habit millions of years old, Develop a new master center and thus cure disease, Dealing with disease and inharmony, A three word key thought that will focus your thought upon a mighty truth and raise you to a new level of master consciousness, Providing an inlet and outlet for energy, Creative energy, How to heal your body and pocketbook, Warning signals of coming inharmony, Rooting out ideals which cause disease, Self-healing.




ALTHOUGH we have considered the dynamic element called "Passivity" in connection with readustments on the personal plane, it is not until we reach the next turn of the spiral of evolution and come out into the cosmic or universal that we are able to realize the full importance of this factor. On the personal plane the initiative and the execution of our plans rest largely with us; on the cosmic plane, on the contrary, our part is largely a passive one.

Before taking up this matter in detail it may be well for us to pause a moment to consider one other point of interest. In connection with most of the principles and methods described in the previous lesson, we find ourselves practically in accordance with the findings of modern materialistic science. The most hard-headed of scientists will agree with most of our conclusions bearing upon physical and mental readjustment. He will probably agree with us also concerning the technique we have evolved for using affirmation. Of course he will not be able to accept our basic principle upon which we have decided that all healing by the use of affirmations rest - he will deny that anything so metaphysical as" God" or the" Infinite" can enter into our affairs; but he will probably agree that our method of using what we call "affirmations" is a highly effective method of using what he calls " suggestion." In approaching the concept of the cosmic, however, we shall have to resign ourselves to part company with the more narrow-minded of the physical scientists. In effect we must say to them, "We are now going to study forces which transcend the limitations of the self; are going to study methods of extending our influence beyond the arc of personality, and of reaching out into the vast cosmic universe. We are going to learn to tap an infinite energy, which is available to man at all times."

We may be very certain that physical science will look with skeptical eyes upon claims of this character. Nevertheless, it is to materialistic science we must go for the first evidence in this case which we are striving to establish. The work of Dr. Sidis in tapping what he called" reservoirs of subliminal energy," gives us one of the clues. Dr. Sidis, you will remember, christened his method "hypnoidization," an unfortunate name inasmuch as the method is not associated with hypnotism. In the phraseology of New Thought and of similar modern philosophies, Dr. Sidis simply taught his patients to go into the Silence and to tap the vast tide of Cosmic Energy. The cures and readjustments which he effected by this means are little short of miraculous, especially when we consider the incredulity of the good doctor himself. Professor William James has also written concerning the philosophy of cosmic energy; in his wonderful little essay on '' The Reserve Energies of Men," he defines and describes the force we are considering; and be does so in a very beautiful way. As we have already seen, passivity is the gateway to the Cosmic Silence; but this passivity must go far beyond that which we have considered in dealing with readjustments on the physical plane. To begin with, the student must attain that absolute emotional poise---

5 x 8, 158 pages

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