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By Dorothy Stuart-Russell

The title stands to remind us that historical facts are invariably misrepresented and distorted in order to suit those in a position of power. The author has researched recent history and present truths not generally available through the popular press, covering suppressed facts regarding the Russian Revolution through the changes taking place today under Mr. Gorbachev. Also presented is the role of the Jews in the 19th and 20th century European revolutionary movements as well as the suppression of the truth concerning the Jews in reference to the Holocaust.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Baobab Tree
The Deadly Anopheline
Those Who Made This Book
Douglas Reed


1 - Precis on the Russian Revolution
2 - Lenin
3 - Lenin and the Romanoff Massacre
4 - The Jews - and Russia
5 - The Rulers of Russia - 1935
6 - The Pulpit Anopheline
7 - The Ex-Communist - Is He Really Ex?
8 - The Progress of Communism and Perestroika
9 - Hungary's Brief Communist Interregnum
10 - Concerning Truth
11 - Media - Pipeline for Poison
12 - Precis on Sarajevo and Prelude to World War One
13 - The Peace of Versailles
14 - Germany and Communist Aggression
15 - Hitler and the Jews
16 - Notes on the Reichstag Fire
17 - Hitler's Purge
18 - That Six Million
19 - Pieces of Paper
20 - Democracy
21 - The Strange Case of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand
22 - M 23 - Boomerang
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