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Water - Water Everywhere and NOT a Drop to Drink? (PDF Download file)



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Water - Water Everywhere and NOT a Drop to Drink? (PDF Download file)
Catalog #: SKU0097

William Davis was an engineer with a water filter company for many years. From his expertise and research, he discovered that the commercially sold water filters DO NOT clean most of the contaminants from your drinking water and most being sold under the concept of 'survival' gear were a rip-off. A filter that cannot clean river water is a waste of money!

What Every Citizen Should Know About Guns and Weapons
Catalog #: SKU0330

HIS book gives detailed and authoritative information about every sort of weapon from the pistol to the heaviest coast artillery. Fully described and illustrated are small arms, from Revolutionary muskets to semiautomatic rifles and modern revolvers; machine guns from Gatlins to Brownings; famous types of cannon, 75 mm., howitzers, modern mortars and antiaircraft; all types of combat tanks and mobile mechanized units; and aircraft armament and bombs.

Wild Flowers Worth Knowing
Catalog #: SKU1371

Flowers have distinct objects in life and are everything they are for the most justifiable of reasons, i.e., the perpetuation and the improvement of their species. The means they employ to accomplish these ends are so various and so consummately clever that, in learning to understand them, we are brought to realize how similar they are to the fundamental aims of even the human race. Indeed there are few life principles that plants have not worked out satisfactorily.

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