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Breaking the Chains
of the
Old World

Jon Rappoport

Creating the Future is the name of a project which begins with the publication of this book. Actually, it has already begun, in the form of weekend dialogues with small groups of twenty people. The purpose of such dialogues is to plant seeds in the minds of those who already know they can invent new projects in the world.

Decentralization is the key, and with the discovery of new technology designed for liberation of the individual from central grids, this can be accomplished.

Excerpt from Introduction

Is the world what we see? Is it the ordinary expected world presented by the media?


Are there people who want to control more and more of the world for themselves?


Do they have misgivings about committing cruelties? Do they care about other people dying?


Are these " controllers" getting more of what they want, as time passes? Much more?


Is the outcome decided?


* * *

The leadership of any tyranny develops a way to hide secrets.

It kills people.

It jails them.

It puts them on work farms in outer areas.

But as time passes, and as the world discovers more ways to transmit data, secrets are not that easily disposed of.

Eventually, the leadership begins to define zones of freedom within the overall tyranny.

Then it discovers that secrets can be buried inside the public domain of billions of other pieces of openly available information. In fact, people can be paid to invent absurd data and float them out into the landscape, thus hiding and discrediting the truth.

When we come to the field of conspiracies and the hidden people who run the world, this proliferation of mounds of stories works very well for the tyranny. Where is the truth among the debris? Where is the diamond in the manure?

Also, people begin to believe wilder and wilder tales, and that further obscures the hunt for the real.

If I floated the scenario that large blue globes had been placed in caves below the surface of the planet ten thousand years ago, and are set to go off just after the turn of the 21st century, a certain number of people would resonate with that and would listen further.

If I said that these blue globes would release a microorganism that would begin to alter the DNA of the human race, making us more suggestible and docile, again a certain number of people would feel a kinship with that story.

If I concluded that, as our DNA is altered, we are to be turned slowly into a laboring species, whose purpose will be to provide raw materials for a race beyond our solar system, and that we will be supplied with enough entertainment on Earth to keep us marginally contented, a surprising number of people will buy into the sense and feeling of that story.

Even though I made it up.

So how are we to proceed, as we peel back layers, in finding out what is happening on this planet, behind the scenes of governments and financial and corporate elites?

We have to become pragmatic.

We have to admit that the point of the whole exercise is to learn what to DO.

We have to confess that some of us are becoming strung out and burned out on the information itself, and have forgotten that we are supposed to DO something about what we discover.

* * *

Creating the Future is a conscious effort to change the direction our planet is taking, by unraveling a tremendous amount of creativity to make " new worlds" within this one. To diversify power millions of times.

There are preconditions that need to be in place for these dialogues to occur.

Psychologically, participants need to be action-takers. They have not checked out of life. They are not waiting for something to happen. They are not trying to convince people that one and only one method of " salvation" must be followed.

The other precondition is an in-depth understanding of what is going on in our world today, so that subsequent creative solutions do not fall short, do not rest on a pink-fluff, polyannish view of Earth and its problems. Attempts to characterize deep investigations of power elites, for example, as " unnecessary delving into the Negative" or " conspiratorial ramblings" are very misguided.

Softcover, 8¼" x 6¾, 415+ pages

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